Oral Histories

A first-person, eyewitness account is the currency of history. There is no better evidence of the conflict in Vietnam that the unfiltered experience of eyewitnesses. Documents available in various archives and libraries are helpful -- but approaching the topic through first hand account from multiple sides adds genuine texture to our understanding of the wars.


The Global Vietnam Wars Studies Initiative’s trailblazing materials include hundreds of digital-video interviews with civilians and combatants from both Vietnamese and American communities. This multi-faceted approach to collecting oral histories from the conflict will ultimately encompass a broader represention of ethnic, religious, regional, political, and economic groups impacted by the wars.


With veterans and other participants aging, it is urgent to capture, translate, organize, and analyze oral histories and unpublished accounts of the wars from Vietnamese and allied sources. We focus on data and stories that are multi-generational, not bound by specific geographic areas, and span different “factions” of the conflicts.