Executive Education

AESI research benefits greatly from interaction with, and feedback from, leaders of industry and government. Research results are increasingly incorporated into teaching case studies, course materials, and lectures of several executive education programs. For example, energy and sustainability perspectives contribute to the executive programs currently training government leaders from China, Vietnam, and Indonesia respectively.

The Asia Energy Leaders Program

Other efforts are tailored more specifically to the needs of leading energy actors in Asia. In August 2012, AESI launched the Asia Energy Leaders Program. This program convened premier faculty and senior energy executives of the Asian region to analyze emerging trends in energy technology, policy, and markets. Dedicated executive programs are designed for one to four weeks, during which participants engage in site visits with leading U.S. technology companies, discussions with energy regulators at the federal and state levels, and targeted sessions with the most innovative leaders in energy finance.

As an example, the Program has designed the Asia Energy Leaders Program, a three-week course with the China Southern Grid Power Corporation (CSG) to highlight new frameworks and innovative approaches to understanding five key issues: globalization; governance; competitiveness and corporate strategy; low carbon technologies; and sustainable development. The course combines in-depth lectures by expert faculty who are leaders in their fields with a series of U.S. site visits to grid companies, public utility regulators and commissions, state government offices, and technology companies in both California and Massachusetts.