Award Cycle

CitiStat programThe Innovations Awards cycle consists of five rounds of review. Beginning in 2010, the Innovations Awards will be offered every other year.

In the first round of competition, experts – both practitioners and scholars – screen all submitted applications and Bright Ideas.

Applications that fully meet the Innovations Awards criteria and present a compelling innovation will be invited to submit a substantive, supplementary application (approximately 8,000 words).

Ideas that meet the Bright Ideas criteria will be selected for inclusion in our open collection on the Government Innovators Network and will receive a special seal of distinction marking the achievement.

In the second round of competition, experts will evaluate applicants' supplementary applications and select 25 programs from the applicant pool to advance in the competition. Each of the 25 programs receive press coverage and a certificate for their achievement.

The third round of competition involves additional research on each of the top 25 programs and results in the selection of finalist programs to move forward in the competition.

In the fourth round of competition Innovations Award evaluators will visit each of the finalist programs to conduct a two-day assessment. Following the completion of a successful site visit, each of the finalist programs will be officially named an Innovations Award finalist and receive further press coverage.

During the fifth and final round of competition, representatives from the selected finalist programs present their innovations before the members of the Innovations National Selection Committee, who then select the winner of the Award. The winner is eligible to receive a grant of $100,000, and each finalist receives a $10,000 grant.

The winner of the Innovations Award will be announced following the presentations before the committee.