Bright Ideas

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For more than 20 years, the Innovations in American Government Awards Program has recognized the very best innovations in American government, and has brought national attention to these practices and promoted their widespread dissemination.

The Innovations Awards competition throughout its history has received over 25,000 applications for the award. Though the competition has formally recognized nearly 500 of these applicants as winners and finalists, there have naturally been many applicants that show promise or are praiseworthy and noteworthy practices that did not advance to the final rounds of the competition.

In order to shine a light on such noteworthy government programs and practices, in 2010 the Innovations Program launched a recognition initiative called Bright Ideas that serves to further highlight and promote creative government initiatives and partnerships so that government leaders, public servants, and other individuals can learn about noteworthy ideas and can adopt those initiatives that can work in their own communities.

Beginning with these Bright Ideas, the Innovations Program seeks to create an open collection of innovations in order to create an online community where innovative ideas can be proposed, shared, and disseminated.

It is our hope that these Bright Ideas will be disseminated, discussed, and replicated widely.