• 2013 May 01

    Asia Vision 21 (2013)

    Wed May 1 (All day) to Fri May 3 (All day)


    Cambridge, MA

    Co-sponsored by the Harvard University Asia Center

    About the Conference
    The Harvard University Asia Vision 21 annual conference series has been a concerted effort at analyzing long-term issues and developments in Asia while forging a vision of the region for the 21st century. It began as a response to the financial crises of 1997-1998 in which both the causes and some of the proposed solutions to problems in the region were examined. Subsequent conferences explored specific topics, such as the crises recovery period and the burgeoning of globalization, from country-specific points of view and with immediate problems in mind.

    For the upcoming Asia Vision 21, we will discuss such topics as Asia and the world economy, domestic and regional security, the challenges of care giving for the elderly in China, and the geo-political impact of developing new sources of energy.... Read more about Asia Vision 21 (2013)

  • 2013 Apr 12

    International Development Conference

    (All day)

    The International Development Conference at Harvard Kennedy School of Government is a yearly student-organized, student-run conference dedicated to fostering a constructive dialogue between leading academics, practitioners, policymakers, and students concerned with creating a better world. The Conference is hosted at the Kennedy School and is a joint effort between students at Harvard and Carnegie Mellon University. The Ash Center was a co-sponsor of the 2013 event.

  • 2012 Oct 09

    China Goes Global (2012)

    (All day)


    NYE ABC, 5th floor Taubman Building, Harvard Kennedy School

    About the Conference
    In the face of global economic turmoil over the past few years, China’s role in the world economy has continued to expand. In 2010, China overtook Germany as the world’s largest trading country. In 2011, China replaced Japan as the world’s second largest economy. Within five years, China may produce a larger share of world GNP than the United States. China’s globalization has fundamentally changed its socio-political, physical, and economic links with the rest of the world, and China has emerged as a leader in trade and investment.... Read more about China Goes Global (2012)

  • 2012 May 13

    Asia Public Policy Forum: Disaster Management in Asia (2012)

    Sun May 13 (All day) to Tue May 15 (All day)


    Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

    Sichuan Earthquake This year’s Asia Public Policy Forum focuses on the theme of disaster management – an issue of critical concern for an area highly vulnerable to a variety of natural hazards. With the aim of fostering discussion on core disaster management challenges and advances in Asia, it will feature presentations on a variety of issues concerning disaster risk reduction, emergency preparedness and response, and disaster recovery.... Read more about Asia Public Policy Forum: Disaster Management in Asia (2012)

  • 2011 Oct 02

    China Goes Global Conference (2011)

    Sun Oct 2 (All day) to Tue Oct 4 (All day)


    Taubman Building, Harvard Kennedy School

    About the Conference
    China’s present status in the world economy is already very impressive: The country is the world’s most populous nation, biggest trader and recipient of inbound investment, and second largest economy (in GDP PPP), and third largest trader, and the largest recipient of foreign direct investment. China has 170 cities of over one million people, as well as three of the world’s largest 20 cities: Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. With over 800 million cell phone subscribers and the largest online population, China is also a major force in the introduction and diffusion of technology.... Read more about China Goes Global Conference (2011)

  • 2011 Sep 23

    First Annual China Connecting Conversations Conference (2011)

    (All day)


    Swiss-Re Centre for Global Dialogue, Zurich, Switzerland

    About the Conference
    The China Connecting Conversations conference addresses how China influences nations and corporations. It will bring together top business leaders, international government officials, and renowned academics from around the globe to gain deep insights in the China factor in the global zeitgeist, which can be used to the benefit of the organizations and the society at large. The China Connecting Conversations are held in the recognition that mutual understanding, respect, and trust are vital for successful corporate and public-private relations beyond borders.... Read more about First Annual China Connecting Conversations Conference (2011)

  • 2011 May 09

    Asia Public Policy Forum (2011)

    Mon May 9 (All day) to Wed May 11 (All day)


    Jakarta, Indonesia

    2011 ForumThe Asia Public Policy Forum convenes leaders from Asia’s academic, government, and industry sectors to disseminate applied research on key governance topics and strengthen professional networks among scholars and schools of public policy in Asia.

    ... Read more about Asia Public Policy Forum (2011)

  • 2011 Apr 28

    Asia Vision 21 (2011)

    Thu Apr 28 (All day) to Sat Apr 30 (All day)


    Cambridge, MA

    pagodasThe annual Asia Vision 21 conference and research forum brings together government officials, business leaders, and scholars from Asia and America to examine long-term issues and concerns facing Asia and to strengthen ties between the two regions. Started in 1999 by the Asia Center of Harvard University, it is now supported in part by the Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia.

  • 2011 Apr 09

    China Energy & Environment Conference (2011)

    8:30am to 6:00pm


    Northwest Science Building, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

    The China Energy and Environment Conference at Harvard University will provide a forum for extensive debate and collaboration. It will bring influential scholars, government officials, and private sector leaders from China and the U.S. together to address Chinese energy and environmental issues. The aims are to: enhance U.S.-China collaboration; discern the critical challenges China faces and prospects for solutions; provide insight into current Chinese policy; and offer opportunities for networking and career development.... Read more about China Energy & Environment Conference (2011)

  • 2010 Jul 26

    Straight to the Top! Conference

    (All day)


    Kingsport, TN

    Students in TennesseeAbout the Conference
    At the 2010 Straight to the Top! Conference, participants will learn more about Race to the Top and other innovative education strategies that lead to economic success. Luminary educators, economic development professionals, community leaders, and industry pace-setters will discuss proven strategies including: Race to the Top; 21st century jobs; STEM; strategies for achieving economic excellence; and education and economic development. Learn more>>... Read more about Straight to the Top! Conference