• 2011 Sep 08

    Growing Old in China: New Services for the Elderly

    11:00am to 1:00pm


    Littauer Building, Room 150, Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, MA

    Dou YupeiDou Yupei, Vice Minister of Civil Affairs, People’s Republic of China
    Co-sponsored by the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations

    About the Seminar
    At this seminar, Dou Yupei will lead a discussion on China’s current policies and services available to the elderly. As China’s Vice Minister of Civil Affairs, he oversees social welfare programs within the Ministry, with a strong emphasis on policymaking for the elderly. While this Ministry normally focuses on aid to those who fall outside of regular social service programs, much current debate is underway in China on which Ministry will take the lead on formulating policy to address China’s aging problem. The Vice Minister will address such debate and talk more broadly about the country’s aging issues as well as newly created services for the elderly.

    In Chinese with translation available.... Read more about Growing Old in China: New Services for the Elderly

  • 2011 Aug 24

    Unlikeliest of Partnerships?

    1:00pm to 2:00pm


    Online Webinar

    About the Webinar
    This Webinar will examine the Urban League’s Neighborhoods@Work program, a three-year-old collaboration with the LAPD that has contributed to a significant drop in homicides in the Park Mesa Heights neighborhood in central Los Angeles. The audience should leave with an understanding of how these two partners, along with dozens of others, originally came together; the key elements that have contributed to their success; and tangible policy implications and lessons that they could apply to their own work.

    The panel will feature:

  • 2011 Aug 17

    Globally Challenged: Are U.S. Students Ready to Compete?

    11:00am to 12:00pm


    Online Webinar

    About the Webinar
    A report being released on August 17, 2011, compares U.S. proficiency in math and reading with that of other industrialized nations and considers the implications for long term economic growth.

    The Harvard Study shows each state’s international standing in math and reading achievement. This study will become available on August 17, 2011, at 11 am ET. It has been prepared under the auspices of Harvard’s Program on Education Policy and Governance (PEPG) and Education Next at the Taubman Center for State and Local Government at the Harvard Kennedy School.... Read more about Globally Challenged: Are U.S. Students Ready to Compete?

  • 2011 Aug 15

    Building a Culture of Innovation in Government

    1:00pm to 2:00pm


    Online Webinar

    An Example from New York City Public Schools

    About the Webinar
    This Webinar will explore iZone, an initiative of New York City’s Department of Education. iZone consists of a unique community of innovative schools committed to personalizing learning. Through the use of real-time information, community and corporate partnerships, digital media, and clustering of innovative schools, iZone is creating and growing pockets of progress. What lessons are NYC schools learning about the process of education innovation? How are these lessons captured and shared with others?... Read more about Building a Culture of Innovation in Government

  • 2011 Jul 19

    Transportation in East Asia

    3:30pm to 5:00pm


    Fainsod Room, Littauer 324, Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, MA

    The HKS Indonesia Program will host a public presentation on

        • Public Transport Options for Eastern Asia Megacities, presented by Professor Dr. Danang Parikesit from the Ministry of Public Works, Republic of Indonesia
        • The Current Reform for the Urban Public Transport in Indonesian Cities, presented by Damantoro from Indonesia Transportation Society

    The HKS Indonesia Program is part of the Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia.

  • 2011 Jun 09

    The Power of Networks and Technology in Human Services Case Management

    2:00pm to 3:30pm


    Online Webinar

    About the Webinar
    This event will examine how technology innovation and the power of networks are transforming human services. National leaders in both thought and practice will share their experiences and insights into how technology, collaboration and social networks are modernizing care for society’s most vulnerable children and families.

    This webinar is being organized by the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation and the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. Ample time will be allocated for audience Q&A. The panel includes:

    • Kathleen Feely – Vice President for Innovation, the Annie E. Casey Foundation; Chief Executive Officer, Case Commons, Inc.

    • Bruce Kamradt – Director, Children’s Mental Health Services, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin; Director, Wraparound Milwaukee

    • Maurice Miller – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, the Family Independence Initiative

    • Julie Boatright Wilson (moderator) – Harry Kahn Senior Lecturer in Social Policy; Director, Malcolm Weiner Center for Social Policy, Harvard Kennedy School... Read more about The Power of Networks and Technology in Human Services Case Management

  • 2011 May 25

    Best Practices to Combat Human Trafficking in the United States

    2:00pm to 4:00pm


    Online Webinar

    About the Webinar
    Every year, thousands of men, women, and children are trafficked into the United States according to the U.S. government. Victims are trafficked for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation, labor, and debt bondage. U.S. citizen victims are also trafficked within and outside the country. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, approximately 100,000 U.S. children each year are victims of commercial sexual exploitation.

    The United States uses a four paradigm approach in combating human trafficking: prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnerships. In addition to the U.S. federal law, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), states have also passed their own individual state laws to address human trafficking.

    What is currently being done to respond to and combat trafficking in the United States? What is succeeding? What isn’t? The panel will tackle challenges and lessons learned in combating human trafficking from victim-centered, enforcement, and prevention perspectives.... Read more about Best Practices to Combat Human Trafficking in the United States

  • 2011 May 10

    Leading for Outcomes: Best Practices in Human Services

    2:00pm to 3:00pm


    Online Webinar

    About the Webinar
    In today’s turbulent public sector environment of increased demand, compressed resources, complex social challenges and changing demographics, leaders are grappling with how to increase their capacity to deliver. Innovative executives in human services are taking the lead by moving to an outcomes-focused business model.

    Yet, moving to an outcomes-focused business model takes a deft hand; leaders have to guide their organizations and stakeholders to new models of cross-boundary governance, new organizational structures, new enabling technologies, and new methods of delivering services.

    This webinar, co-sponsored with Leadership for a Networked World, will help public service leaders understand the challenges and opportunities of leading with an outcomes-focus, addressing questions such as:

        • How does an outcomes-focused model improve organizational performance?
        • How should a leader prepare the organizational culture for outcomes-focused management?
        • What technologies and processes enable the collection and analysis of outcome measures?
        • What are the steps to moving toward and sustaining an outcomes-focused organizational model?

    Panelists include:

  • 2011 May 09

    Asia Public Policy Forum (2011)

    Mon May 9 (All day) to Wed May 11 (All day)


    Jakarta, Indonesia

    2011 ForumThe Asia Public Policy Forum convenes leaders from Asia’s academic, government, and industry sectors to disseminate applied research on key governance topics and strengthen professional networks among scholars and schools of public policy in Asia.

    ... Read more about Asia Public Policy Forum (2011)

  • 2011 Apr 28

    Oil Spills, Earthquakes, Tsunamis & Meltdowns: Acting In Time Against the Next Disaster

    6:00pm to 7:30pm


    JFK Jr. Forum, Harvard Kennedy School, 79 JFK St., Cambridge, MA

    A panel discussion on preparedness for national disasters. Topics include the importance of communication across local, state, and federal agencies; gaps in the current state of preparedness; and political and social dimensions of disasters. Speakers include:

    Juliette Kayyem
    Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs,
    Department of Homeland Security (2009-2011)

    General Craig R. McKinley
    Chief, National Guard Bureau

    Admiral Robert Papp
    Commandant, United States Coast Guard

    Congressman Bart Stupak
    Member, U.S. House of Representatives (D-MI 1993-2011)
    Former Chair, House Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations

    Admiral James Winnefeld
    Commander, U.S. Northern Command and
    North American Aerospace Defense Command

    David T. Ellwood (Moderator)
    Dean, John F. Kennedy School of Government