The Ash Center continues to develop new – and strengthen existing – executive education courses to offer an interactive learning experience to practitioners from China looking for a fresh approach to crafting public policy.

China Leaders in Finance Program
China Leaders in Finance Program is a two-week program for senior executives from China’s banking sector. The goal of the program is to equip participants with analytical frameworks to better understand the challenges of globalization, to strengthen individual and collective leadership, to improve corporate governance, to improve sustainability, and to leverage public-private partnerships, while at the same time improving their skills to excel in positions of leadership. Program skill sets relate to negotiation, corporate strategy, attracting 21st Century talent, and supporting innovation, among others.

Executive Leaders in Philanthropy Program
Funded by Dalio Foundation, Inc., the Executive Leaders in Philanthropy Program is a three-week experience designed for senior executive leaders of Chinese philanthropic organizations. The purpose of the program is to equip participants with key skill sets related to building effective public value organizations, to introduce them to management models, and to define their future goals - both personal and organizational. 

Global Philanthropy Leaders Program
Global Philanthropy Leaders Program is a 4+ day workshop specially designed for leading philanthropists from China. The goal of this workshop is to equip these philanthropists with new ways of thinking and new analytic frameworks to define better their organizational mission, to strengthen their leadership, to expand their global network, and to build effective partnerships with international counterparts.

Shanghai Executive Management Program 
This program aims to provide senior officials in Shanghai municipal government agencies with perspectives on strategy, leadership, management of service delivery, urban planning and development, crisis management, and social policy, as practiced in the United States and other countries. Officials attend two weeks of intensive classes at HKS and visit government agencies around the country.

Previous Programs:

Asia Energy Leaders Program
The Asia Energy Leaders Program convenes premier faculty and senior energy executives to highlight new analytical frameworks and innovative approaches to understanding five key issues related to energy and sustainability issues in Asia: globalization; governance; competitiveness and corporate strategy; low carbon technologies; and sustainable.

China Crisis Management Program
Taught at the Chinese Academy of Governance in Beijing, this executive education course is for senior officials with emergency management responsibilities in the national, provincial, and city levels in China. Through discussion and guest speakers, this course examines large-scale disasters and planned international events to offer best practices in disaster prevention, mitigation, and preparation.

China's Leaders in Development Program
Established in 2001, China’s Leaders in Development program is widely recognized by the Chinese government as one of the best overseas training programs for government officials. Taught both at Tsinghua University, China, and Harvard Kennedy School, this multi weeks training program is specifically designed to help prepare senior local and central Chinese government officials to more effectively address the ongoing challenges of China’s national reforms.