China Programs Student Research Grants - Past Projects

Academic Year 2018-19:

Winter PAE/SYPA Grant:

Gabriel Walker (MPP’19)

Green Finance for Chinese Overseas Investment

Tim Huang (MPP’19)

Using Evidence to Scale Up Responsive Migrant Childcare in Vietnam, Mongolia, and China

Tlek Zeinullayev (MPA/ID’19)

Neo-Mercantilism with Chinese Characteristics?

Zhao, Yirong (MPP’19) and Piao, Ningzi (MPP’19)

Healthcare and senior care integration in China care integration in China


Summer Research Grant:


Dai, Jingyun (Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology)

How do social movements evolve and change under authoritarianism?

Deng, Zixuan (Sharon) (Master of Architecture, GSD’21)

Back to the Chinese Countryside: An Analysis of Rural-Urban Migration and the Spatial Manifestations of Government Policy on Resource Networks for Women Domestic Migrants

Naima Green (Ph.D. Candidate in Government)

How States Make Friends and Influence People Overseas: Using Applications of Political Psychology to Understand Chinese Public Diplomacy in the U.S.

Guo, Boya (Ddes, GSD)

Dynamics of Spatial Forms, Governance and Social Processes: A Reconceptualization of Chinese Danwei from 1980 to 2018

Wu, Longfeng (Ph.D. Candidate, GSD)

Socio-Spatial (In)Equality of Accessing Urban Green Space: Evidence from gated residential communities in Beijing

Xu, Ankang (Master in Design Studies, GSD’20)

The Other Trajectory: A Study of Five Resource-declining Cities in China - Resources, Urbanism, and Socio-ecological Transitions (Fu Xin, Fu Shun, Huang Shi, Leng Shui Jiang, and Ge Jiu)



Academic Year 2017-18:

Winter PAE/SYPA Grant:

Chattha, Muhammad Khudadad (MPA/ID’18)

The Role of Fiscal Policy in Reducing Inequality in China

Shi, Yu (MPA/ID’18)

Evaluating and revamping the pilot program of National College Entrance Exam in Zhejiang, China

Thomas, Neil (MPP’18)

How the Chinese Government Applies History to Foreign Policy

Zhang, Haiyang (MPA/ID’18)

From Recipient to Provider: China's Official Foreign Assistance Program and Its Cost Effectiveness in Promoting Economic Growth in Africa

Zhang, Qianye (MPA/ID’18)

Growth Diagnostics on China's Rust Belt

Summer Research Grant:


Jenna Cook, PhD in Sociology (expected 2023).

Research topic: 'The Daughter/Sister That Went Away': Understanding Chinese Birth Family Narratives in the Post-‘One Child Policy’ Era

Maria Barber, Master at GSD ’17-‘19

Research topic: “The Role of Big Tech Companies in China's Municipan Government: An Analysis of Public-Provate Partnerships with Alibaba and Tencent in Shenzhen and Hangzhou, and their Effects on the Urban Ecology”

WANG Liang, Doctor of Design Candidate, 2017 – Present

Research topic: “The Chinese Superblockism: Governance, Community and Urban Form in the Post-1950s Xi’an”

Anushka Siddiqui, MPP’19

Research topic: “Public-private Collaborations for Digital”



Academic Year 2016-17:

Winter PAE/SYPA Grant:

Chorzempa, Martin (MPA/ID’17)
Developing China's Credit System with Data

Wu, Jundong (MPP'17)
Scalable Education Technology Innovations to Bridge the Digital Divide and Improve Public School Education Efficiency in China

Yu, Jiyuan (MPA/ID'17)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Reform China’s Physical Education Regime at the Secondary Education Level


Summer Research Grant:

Zheng, Shen (MPA'19/SLOAN'19)
How Charity Foundations Drive Business Performance and Operational Efficiency of Grantee and Investee Projects


Academic Year 2015-16:

Winter PAE/SYPA Grant:

Bacon, Peter (MPP’16)
Limiting Nuclear Escalation in a War between US and China

Bai, Jane (MPP”16)
Assessment of DRGs reform at pilot hospitals in China

Gao, Jack (MPA-ID’16)
Scaling Up Electric Vehicles in China

Gao, Naisi (MPP’16)
Empowering Migrant Children by Youth Public Leadership Development:  An Evaluation of EduRunner Summer Camp in China

Meng, Wei (MPA-ID’16)
Global Value Chains and China’s Upgrade Strategies

Yuan, Mingjie (MPP’16)
The rural commercial banks’ implementation of Basel regulatory framework in China


Summer Research Grant:

Guan, Yichen (Ph.D. candidate in Political Science)
From Education to Politics: The Role of Minority Education in Chinese Muslim Minorities’ Political Participation

He, Jingkai (Ph.D. candidate at Department of Government)
Research on the development trajectory of the Chinese internal security institutions and the ways these institutions were transformed to respond to the evolution of domestic security threats

Luo, Yuxiang (Master Degree student at GSD)
Institutions of Urban (Re)Development: Assessing Formal Partnerships and Informal Networks in China’s Transformed Shantytowns

Strange, Austin (Ph.D. candidate at Department of Government)
Logics of Statecraft: Pre-Modern and Contemporary Chinese Economic Foreign Policies


Summer Fellowship in Innovation:

Jiao, Karry (MPP ’17), Mass. Department of Environmental Protection, Boston, MA


Academic Year 2014-15:

Winter PAE/SYPA Grant:

Hao, Ruixi (MPP’15)       
Effective Philanthropy: What Private Foundations in China Can Learn from their Western Counterparts?     

Leonelli, Stephen (MPP’16)         
Universal Periodic Review:  A New Tool for China’s LGBT Movement?

Li, Lance (Luhang) (MPP’15)       
Electric Vehicle - Solving Beijing's endemic pollution problem (PM2.5)

Liu, Xi (MPP’15)         
Girls' dream project

Ramachandran, Reshma (MPP’15/MD’15) 
China Policy tools for increasing access to affordable biologic medicines

Tian, He (MPA-ID’15)      
Industrial upgrade in coastal China

Wang, Yuman (Gary) (MPP’15)
The China Development Bank's Strategic Options in Africa

Wu, Zhenru (MPP’15)
The China Development Bank's Strategic Options in Africa

Zou, Xun (MC/MPA’15)                
Policy Policy on communicable diseases and sex and reproductive health

Zhang, Jingyi (Ph.D. student  at GSD)     
Consumer City: The Impact of Amenities and Mixed Land Use on Housing Price in Shanghai

Zheng, Yinan (MPP’15)
Accelerating the Implementation of the Upcoming Waste Charging Policy In Hong Kong


Summer Research Grant:

Bai, Jane (MPP’16)
Emotional Intelligence Training in China

Ding, Iza (Ph.D. candidate at Department of Government)
Responsiveness over Results: Environmental Governance and Political Approval in Urban China

Guan, Yichen (Ph.D. student in Political Science)
The Uyghur Challenge: Islamic Insurgency on the Rise in Xinjiang

Huang, Zhenqian (MPA-ID’16)
Impact of black carbon emissions on climate, public health and development in cities, especially from the transport sector

Hurford, Jennifer (MPP/MBA’17)
Emotional Intelligence Training in China

Roozen, McKay (Ed.M.’15)
Emotional Intelligence Training in China

Strange, Austin (Ph.D. student at Department of Government)
Elite Power Consolidation and Chinese Foreign Relations

Xu, Jiru (MPP’16)
Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, Boston, MA

Zhang, Jingyi (Ph.D. candidate at GSD)
Consumer City: The Impact of Amenities and Mixed Land Use on Housing Price in Shanghai


Summer Fellowship in Innovation:

Xu, Jiru (MPP ’16), Boston, MA: Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics


Academic Year 2013-14:

Winter PAE/SYPA Grant:

Chang , Amy (MPP’14)                  
Steps Towards Establishing US China Cybersecurity Framework

Law , Kwan Hei (Michael) (MPA-ID’14) 
China's Shadow Banking System & Financial Risks

Shao, Irene (GSE)            
Launching Bridging Education and Mobility Inc

Sivadasan , Kavitha (MPA-ID’14)              
Making healthcare affordable in China

Zhang, Chi (Jason) (MPA-ID’14)
Making Healthcare affordable in China


Summer Research Grant:

Hao, Ruixi (MPP’15)
Strategic Planning for the Next Five Years, conducted with the SEE Foundation