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Communiqué Fall 2021, Volume 27

In this issue, as the Chinese Communist Party celebrates its 100th anniversary, Ash Center experts delve into the historial legacy of the party as well as what the future holds for the party and China. We share profiles of the scholars and students who make the Ash Center such a unique institution, and introduce new research and ideas from across our thirty programs, projects, and initiatives. 

Communiqué Spring 2021, Volume 26

This issue tells the stories of the Ash Center community who, during a global pandemic, continued to address some of the most salient public policy challenges of the day. In the virtual magazine pages, we feature how students are fighting for better voter access and engagement, the importance of educating the next generation of public sector leaders in digital governing, and how decarbonization could be a key part of US-China cooperation. We highlight the salient research and commentary of the Center's experts and introduce Center students and alumni.

Communiqué Fall 2020, Volume 25

This issue, our first-ever digital-only magazine, explores how the Ash Center has responded to both the COVID-19 pandemic and consequential presidential election. We feature the democracy programs work on increasing voter participation and a report recommending universal civic duty voting. We highlight Director Tony Saich's latest book on a Dutch Communist named Henk Sneevliet and his role in sparking the communist revolution in China, and we also detail the stories of Ash Center students, alumni and fellows around the globe. 

Cover of Fall 2019 Communique Magazine

Communiqué Fall 2019, Volume 24

In this issue, we showcase the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative and tell the story of how the program worked with Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig to tackle the issue of homelessness. We also highlight the work of HKS students Kyle Ofari, Jana Pohorelsky, and Ryan Pierannunzi as well as China Postdoctoral Fellow Elizabeth Plantan and China Philanthropy Alumni Lin Wei. Included are more stories, news, and important updates from the Center's vibrant community. 

Volume 23

Communiqué Spring 2019, Volume 23

In this issue, we tell the story of how Ash faculty, staff, & students led the charge in a school-wide campaign to get students to the polls. We also introduce Jennifer Musisi, Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative Mayor in Residence, and Roy and Lila Ash Fellow Ryan Swann MC/MPA 2019. Included are more stories, news, and important updates from the Center's vibrant community.

Communique Fall

Communiqué Fall 2018, Volume 22

In this issue, we feature Ash Center Director Tony Saich’s groundbreaking survey examining public opinion in China and unveil the finalists for the 2018 Innovations in American Government Award. In the subsquent pages, we profile Nisreen Haj-Ahmad MC/MPA '08 and her work sparking community organizing in Jordan as well as Kelly Lugbill Clark MPP 2018 and her plans to empower communities post-graduation. We also share news about Ash Center Faculty, Fellows and more.  
Fall 2017 Communique

Communiqué Fall 2017, Volume 21

In this issue, we introduce the most innovative U.S. government programs, the winners of the 2017 Innovations in American Government awards. We tell the story of how Alumna Hla Hla Win MC/MPA '16 is introducing virtual reality technology to Myanmar classrooms. We also feature a new book about the Cold War by Odd Arne Westad, new faculty affiliate Jie Bai, research by history and public policy fellow Dan Hummel, and more. (flipbook)

Communique Spring 2017

Communiqué Spring 2017, Volume 20

In this issue, we feature the Civic Analytics Network (CAN), a national peer network of Chief Data Officers (CDO). We also showcase new fellows, faculty and programs; an Ash alum that's fighting for wage equity; and a student that's advocating for democracy in the Congo. (flipbook)

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Communiqué Fall 2016, Volume 19

In this issue, we feature the Transparency for Development (T4D) program, the largest and most rigorous research study ever conducted on transparency and accountability interventions. We also recap the 'Race and Justice in the Age of Obama' event. (flipbook)

Communiqué Spring 2016, Volume 18

In this issue, we showcase the China Philanthropy Project, a new research initiative surveying China's philanthropic landscape. We also profile Roy and Lila Ash Fellow Priscilla Lee and describe her work empowering immigrants and other groups through education and advocacy. (flipbook)

Communiqué Fall 2015, Volume 17

In this issue, we showcase the Innovation Field Lab, a new experiential learning course offered at the Harvard Kennedy School that is bringing data innovations to local Massachusetts communities.  We also profile Roy and Lila Ash Fellow Georgia Hollister Isman and her advocacy work in state and local politics. (flipbook)

Communiqué Spring 2015, Volume 16

In this issue, we recap our recent #Hack4Congress events and highlight the work of Bright Idea Award winners from across the country.  We also profile Roy and Lila Ash Fellow Humayun Sarabi and the organization he founded to advocate for women's rights in Afghanistan. (flipbook)
Communiqué: Fall 2014, Volume 15

Communiqué: Fall 2014, Volume 15 

In this issue, we are launching a new layout that we hope you will find compelling, both aesthetically and in substance. The cover story outlines the center’s recent research and initiatives promoting innovation in city governance and urban policy. In addition, we reflect on the first year of our Challenges to Democracy 10th anniversary event series and introduce a faculty Q & A and ”Alumni in the Field” feature. (flipbook)
Communiqué: Spring 2014, Volume 14

Communiqué: Spring 2014, Volume 14 

In this issue, we highlight Secretary of State John Kerry's meeting with alumni from the Fulbright School in Vietnam as well as recent events organized by the Center. Events include a forum marking the 35th anniversary of the normalization of US-China relations, a meeting of the Project on Municipal Innovation Advisory Group, and a panel discussion on immigration held in Lawrence, MA. Other articles focus on the senior fellowship of Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone and ”Why Was Boston Strong?,” a white paper analyzing the emergency response to the Boston Marathon bombing. (PDF) (flipbook)
Communiqué: Winter 2013, Volume 13

Communiqué: Winter 2013, Volume 13  

In this issue, the Ash Center commemorates its 10th anniversary with the launch of a public dialogue series on Challenges to Democracy. Director Tony Saich and Dean Ellwood travel to Myanmar and Indonesia. And, we highlight the third and final paper in our series of occasional papers on ”Improving the Local Landscape for Innovation.” (PDF)
Communiqué: Spring 2013, Volume 12

Communiqué: Spring 2013, Volume 12  

In this issue, we highlight the Ash Center’s extended commitment to the study of public policy and governance in China detailing new executive training commitments and the outcomes from the Challenge and Cooperation conference. We spotlight a standing-room only screening of ”A Whisper to a Roar,” which featured a post-film panel discussion with Egyptian Activist Esraa Abdel Fattah, and describe the latest research of Mark Moore and Jorrit de Jong. (PDF)
Communiqué: Fall 2012, Volume 11

Communiqué: Fall 2012, Volume 11 

We recap Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s historic visit to HKS this fall, and detail current Myanmar Program research to help leaders like her build a new nation. We take a look back at our election-focused Democracy Series, and highlight the work of student summer grant recipients. Director Saich describes his latest book, ”Chinese Village, Global Market”, which charts the dramatic transformation of Yantian from a once sleepy farm village to the booming industry hub it is today. (PDF)
Communiqué: Spring 2012, Volume 10

Communiqué: Spring 2012, Volume 10 

In this issue, the Ash Center remembers founding donor Roy Ash, one the largest single donors to Harvard Kennedy School. New York City’s Center for Economic Opportunity is celebrated as the 2011 Innovations in American Government Award winner, and students describe their field experience working with three Chilean communities hard hit by the 2010 earthquake and tsunami that caused devastating losses and destruction. (PDF)
Communiqué: Fall 2011, Volume 9

Communiqué: Fall 2011, Volume 9 

This semester, the HKS Indonesia Program has made major efforts to expand its reach in the areas of executive education, faculty research, and student support. The new Leadership in Transformation in Indonesia course is featured, as well as Jay Rosengard’s recent collaboration with Atma Jaya Catholic University in Jakarta. Features include Ford Mason Fellow Paul Kwengwere’s work in Malawi and the top 25 government innovations in competition for the Innovations in American Government Award. (PDF)
Communiqué: Spring 2011, Volume 8

Communiqué: Spring 2011, Volume 8 

In this issue, Associate Professor Tarek Masoud discusses Egypt’s next major hurdle: writing the country's new constitution. Other articles explore transit-oriented development and affordable housing challenges in Hawaii, and the emerging religious movement of voluntary Islamic study groups in Indonesia that begin with dramatic, traffic-halting motorcades. A new report on public deliberation is assessed, and Anthony Saich’s new book Governance and Politics in China is reviewed. (PDF)
Communiqué: Fall 2010, Volume 7

Communiqué: Fall 2010, Volume 7 

This issue highlights Dean David Ellwood’s tour of East and Southeast Asia, visiting benefactors and alumni in key programs affiliated with the Ash Center. Included on his tour was a visit to Indonesia, the subject of the Center’s new report, ”From Reformasi to Institutional Transformation.” The report explores Indonesia’s prospects for success as a new democracy despite a heavy dependence on low-wage manufacturing. Other articles feature recent conferences on child welfare, urban innovation, and China’s globalization. (PDF)


Communiqué: Spring 2010, Volume 6

Communiqué: Spring 2010, Volume 6 

Once among the 50 poorest countries in the world, Vietnam is now considered a ”middle-income country.” But will environmental threats, an inefficient but very powerful state sector, and pervasive crony socialism practices stall the country’s growth? Volume six explores Vietnam’s struggle to avoid the middle-income trap. Other articles feature Participedia, a website on participatory governance practices worldwide, and the Center’s new China Case Program. (PDF)
Communiqué: Winter 2010, Volume 5

Communiqué: Winter 2010, Volume 5 

In late December, the Ash Center received a $20.5 million gift to launch the Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia, an important new initiative designed to expand HKS support for policy research and educational programming in Asia. Professor Tarek Masoud explores Indonesia’s improbable democracy, and the Innovations Program launches its first multimedia case study on the treatment of troubled youth. (PDF)
Communiqué: Winter 2010, Volume 4

Communiqué: Spring 2009, Volume 4 

This issue announces the Ash Center’s new research agenda exploring challenges to democracy in the 21st Century. Several past Innovations winners join President Obama’s campaign, and Director Saich shares findings from his study on changing perceptions of government by Chinese citizens. (PDF)
Communiqué: Winter 2010, Volume 3

Communiqué: Winter 2009, Volume 3 

This issue announces Ash’s major new initiative on democratic governance and welcomes Asia Programs to the Institute. Students and fellows showcase their summer research and the Vietnam Program celebrates the launch of its two-year MPP program. We go in depth with Arn Howitt’s work on crisis management and spotlight Director Saich’s new work Providing Public Goods in Transitional China. (PDF)
Communiqué: Winter 2010, Volume 2

Communiqué: Spring 2008, Volume 2 

In this issue, we spotlight the March Frontiers of Innovation Conference, which included the Latin American Mayors Conference and the China: Challenge and Change symposium. The Top 50 innovative government programs competing for the 2008 Innovations Awards are also announced. (PDF)

Communiqué: Winter 2010, Volume 1

Communiqué: Winter 2008, Volume 1 

In this inaugural issue of the Ash Center's bi-annual newsletter, we showcase the 2007 Innovations in American Government Award winners and offer snapshots of our 2007 Global Network events. Faculty research and recent student initiatives are also highlighted. (PDF)