Democracy Fellowships

The Democracy Program at the Ash Center seeks to build an intellectual community of scholars whose research illuminates unique aspects of democratic governance.  The Center offers  fellowships for scholars examining issues such as democracy in “hard places”, citizen participation, government innovations at the regional and local level, challenges to democracy, and other academic areas of interest relevant to the Democracy Program. 

The Center’s Postdoctoral Democracy Fellowship supports postdoctoral scholars whose research must first illuminate aspects of democratic governance in ways that are outstanding according to the standards of the applicant’s academic discipline, and second, must provide normative or practical guidance regarding an urgent substantive policy or social problem related to democratic governance.  The Center also awards several Democracy Doctoral Fellowships to Harvard Kennedy School Ph.D. candidates or other Harvard University students in related fields.  Finally, the Center awards Democracy Visiting Fellowships to faculty, doctoral, and postdoctoral students to support research on democratic governance that addresses substantive concerns and offers normative or practical guidance regarding those concerns.

For more information on the Center’s democracy fellowships, to learn about application deadlines, and to download application materials, please visit the fellowships section of our website.