Democracy Leaders Gather at Kennedy School

Conference helps democracy entrepreneurs gain skills and build lasting connections

March 1–3, the Ash Center cohosted the Democracy Entrepreneurship Conference, which brought together democracy advocates, policymakers, philanthropists, academics, and journalists at HKS. The unique event helped attendees build connections, learn about innovative organizing strategies, and understand how best to tap into newfound energy directed toward strengthening US democratic institutions. 

Regie Gibson speaking at the Conference

On the first night, poet and performer Regie Gibson (above) delivered a piece crafted for the occasion. An excerpt follows: 

Listen to that democratic voice that called us here today. That insistent one, that constantly whispering one that says to you and to our country: "Listen. You beautiful, tiny things who are part of the bigness of all things. Listen, you beings of instinct who come here seeking a community." Sense that rumbling beneath your breath and tongue, telling you to speak that password primeval, to give the sign of democracy. Telling you to un-manacle the mind, to unshackle the heart. To know that every atom belonging to one, belongs to all.  

Though it's true that we be small, we be fierce. Though we bang our heads up against the wall. If we hold each other up, we can't fall. 



More photos from the event 

03.01.19 - Democracy Entrepreneurship Conference