Ash Community Speaker Series: The Secret Sauce of the “Bilbao Effect”


Friday, April 27, 2018, 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Ash Center Foyer, 124 Mt. Auburn Street, Suite 200 North

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Like many cities across Europe and the U.S., the Spanish city of Bilbao was confronted with a deep economic and social crisis during the 70s and 80s due to a sharp decline in industrial power. Fast forward to November 2017, the city won the European City of the Year award granted by The Academy of Urbanism. What precipitated this change? Many accounts of the transformation of Bilbao focus on the role of the Guggenheim Museum as an engine of change, driving the city from industrial to service and culturally oriented. While the Guggenheim is a part of the transformation story, other fundamental aspects such as the collaboration and financing instruments devised by the government have been overlooked. Focusing on these other less-known areas, this talk will describe the transformation of Bilbao and discuss interesting insights applicable to other cities around the world.

Fernando Fernandez-Monge Cortazar, Research Fellow for the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative at the Ash Center will present. David Margalit, Executive Program Director, Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, will moderate. 


4.27.18 Ash Community Speaker Series: The Secret Sauce of the “Bilbao Effect”


The Ash Community Speaker Series features discussions with students, faculty, fellows, and alumni whose research or other academic work is supported by the Ash Center. The series is a forum to discuss new ideas, innovative work, and ongoing projects that are related to the Ash Center's mission to make the world a better place by advancing excellence and innovation in governance and public policy through research, education, and public discussion.