Reckoning with Election 2020: Race, Violence, & the Power of New Voters


Friday, November 13, 2020, 3:00pm to 4:00pm


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Election 2020 proved to be historic in terms of the numbers of voters that were mobilized to the polls. The Election also made clear that there would be no nationwide repudiation of Trumpism. Join the Carr Center for Human Rights and the Ash Center for a conversation with leading scholars of racial politics about the election turnout, voter suppression, and what this means about the state of democracy today. This event is part of the Bending the Arc: A Talk Series with Dr. Megan Ming Francis

  • Dr. Christina M. Greer | Associate Professor of Political Science, Fordham University; Politics Editor at The Grio 
  • Dr. Leah Wright Rigueur |  Harry S. Truman Associate Professor of History, Brandeis University; ABC News Contributor 
  • Dr. Sophia Jordán Wallace | Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Washington
  • Dr. Megan Ming Francis (Moderator) | Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Washington, Carr Center Fellow
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Christina Greer is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Fordham University - Lincoln Center (Manhattan) campus. Her research and teaching focus on American politics, black ethnic politics, urban politics, quantitative methods, Congress, New York City and New York State politics, campaigns and elections, and public opinion. Prof. Greer's book Black Ethnics: Race, Immigration, and the Pursuit of the American Dream (Oxford University Press) investigates the increasingly ethnically diverse black populations in the US from Africa and the Caribbean. She finds that both ethnicity and a shared racial identity matter and also affect the policy choices and preferences for black groups. Professor Greer is currently writing her second manuscript and conducting research on the history of all African Americans who have run for the executive office in the U.S. Her research interests also include mayors and public policy in urban centers. Her previous work has compared criminal activity and political responses in Boston and Baltimore. She is the host and producer of The Aftermath with Christina Greer on Prof. Greer received her BA from Tufts University and her MA, MPhil, and PhD in Political Science from Columbia University.

Leah Wright Rigueur is the Harry S. Truman Associate Professor of American History at Brandeis University. Her research expertise includes 20th Century American political and social history, modern African American history, race, politics, civil rights, contemporary social movements, political ideologies and institutions, and the American presidency. Leah is the author of the award-winning study, The Loneliness of the Black Republican: Pragmatic Politics and the Pursuit of Power. Her new book, Mourning in America: Black Men and Women in a White House, documents critical transformations in American politics in the 1980s through an exploration of political scandal and corruption, as told through two contrasting perspectives: that of black women public housing activists and of black officials in the Ronald Reagan-helmed White House. Leah’s writing, research and commentary has been featured in outlets including ABC News, MSNBC, CNN, CBS News, PBS, NPR, A&E Networks, The History Channel, MTV News, Showtime, SiriusXM, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Politico, The Root, The New Yorker, Vogue, and Fortune Magazine. She holds a Ph.D. in History from Princeton University and a B.A. in History from Dartmouth College.

Sophia Jordán Wallace is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Washington. She specializes in Latino Politics, representation, and immigration politics and policy. Her research has been funded by the Ford Foundation, Social Sciences Research Council (SSRC), and Dirksen Congressional Center. Her work has been published in various journals including the American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics, International Migration Review, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies,  Political Research Quarterly, Politics, Groups, & Identities, American Politics Research, Social Science Quarterly, Political Science Quarterly, and Urban Affairs Review. Her co-authored book, Walls, Cages, and Family Separation: Race and Immigration in the Trump Era, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2020.  She is a co-founder and co-organizer of SPIRE, Symposium on the Politics of Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity, which is an annual conference of race, ethnicity, and politics scholars.  She is the Director of the Washington Institute for the Study of Inequality and Race (WISIR). She is also currently one of the editors of Political Research Quarterly. She is currently working on a book, United We Stand: Latino Representation in Congress, which examines the ways legislators serve the interests of Latinos across a variety of legislative behaviors and the substantive impact of Latino representatives. She received her B.A. from UC San Diego and her Ph.D. from Cornell University.

Dr FrancisMegan Ming Francis is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Political Science and Law, Societies, and Justice at the University of Washington. During the 2020-21 academic year, she is also a Senior Democracy Fellow at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and a Racial Justice Fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights at the Harvard Kennedy School. Formerly, she was a research fellow at the Thurgood Marshall Institute at the NAACP-LDF. Francis specializes in the study of American politics, with broad interests in constitutional law, Black political activism, critical philanthropy, and the post-civil war South. She is the author of the award winning book, Civil Rights and the Making of the Modern American State. Her research and commentary have been featured on ABC, MSNBC, NPR, The New York Times, LA Times, Newsweek, the Washington Post, the Seattle Times, and she has conducted a TED talk with over two million views. Francis is a proud alumnus of Seattle Public Schools, Rice University in Houston, and Princeton University where she received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Politics.

Virtual Event Details  

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