Book Talk with Michael Barzelay, author of "Public Management as a Design-Oriented, Professional, Discipline"


Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 12:00pm to 1:15pm


Ash Center foyer, 124 Mt Auburn Street, Suite 200N

The Ash Center invites you to a talk with Michael Barzelay, Professor of Public Management at the London School of Economics and author of, "Public Management as a Design-Oriented, Professional, Discipline." Barzelay will be joined Hannah Riley Bowles, Roy E. Larsen Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management at HKS.

Lunch will be served. 

Public Management as a Design-Oriented, Professional, Discipline Book CoverAbout the Book

While public management has become widely spoken of, its identity and character is not well-defined. Such disparity is an underlying problem in developing public management within academia, and in the eyes of practitioners. In this book, Michael Barzelay tackles the challenge of making public management into a true professional discipline. Barzelay argues that public management needs to integrate contrasting conceptions of professional practice. By pressing forward an expansive idea of design in public management, Barzelay formulates a fresh vision of public management in practice and outlines its implications for research, curriculum development and disciplinary identity.

About the Author

Throughout the past 20 years, Professor Barzelay has been working on research to expand professional knowledge about public organizations and professional practice within them. The first big step in that direction was Preparing for the Future: Strategic Planning in the U.S. Air Force, which received the Louis Brownlow Book Award from the US National Academy of Public Administration. An important further step was “Learning from Second-hand Experience: Methodology for Extrapolation-Oriented Case Research.” The culmination of this work is Public Management as a Design-Oriented Professional Discipline, published by Edward Elgar in September 2019. This manifesto book presents a full-fledged design for public management being a professional discipline that expands professional knowledge through research and that strengthens problem-solving competencies about public organizations and especially their management, through the discipline’s teaching and learning enterprise. Professor Barzelay has been sharing these ideas as they developed over the past several years through an LSE Knowledge Exchange and Impact funded project, especially in developing faculty who can provide leadership in strengthening the design-oriented professional discipline of public management with a focus on Latin America.

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