Building a Culture of Innovation in Government


Monday, August 15, 2011, 1:00pm to 2:00pm


Online Webinar

An Example from New York City Public Schools

About the Webinar
This Webinar will explore iZone, an initiative of New York City’s Department of Education. iZone consists of a unique community of innovative schools committed to personalizing learning. Through the use of real-time information, community and corporate partnerships, digital media, and clustering of innovative schools, iZone is creating and growing pockets of progress. What lessons are NYC schools learning about the process of education innovation? How are these lessons captured and shared with others?

The panel will feature:

  • Stacey Gillett, Chief of Staff at the NYC Department of Education Office of Innovation

  • Chrystina Russell, Principal at Global Tech Prep, a school participating in iZone

There will be ample time for audience Q&A. Also participating in the discussion will be Harvard faculty including moderator Elizabeth City, lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education and executive director of its new three-year, practice-based doctoral program to prepare students to be leaders in education reform.

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