Coping Strategies of Indonesian Humanitarian Volunteers: Personal, Organizational, Cultural, and Policy Dimensions


Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 12:00pm to 1:00pm


124 Mt. Auburn Street, Suite 100, Room 106, Cambridge, MA

Maria Nelden Djakababa, HKS Indonesia Research Fellow

About the Seminar
In this brownbag presentation, HKS Indonesia Research Fellow Nelden Djakababa will discuss her research on post-traumatic growth and psychological well being of disaster response volunteers, focusing specifically on Indonesian Red Cross personnel who responded to the major earthquake that hit Yogyakarta and Central Java in 2007. Special attention will be given to the narrative-based analysis of the coping strategies employed by the volunteers, taking into account the Javanese culture-based approach to adversity. Her study also aims to identify critical points in how this coping process can be supported by the humanitarian organizations and disaster management policies.

Arnold Howitt, Executive Director, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, and Faculty Co-Director, Program on Crisis Leadership will moderate the event.

About the Speaker
Maria Nelden Djakababa (“Nelden”) is a psychologist focusing on trauma, disaster, humanitarian workers, journalism and trauma, resilience, growth, and culture. She holds a master’s degree as a psychologist from the University of Indonesia, and an advanced master’s degree in cultures and development studies from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Djakababa is currently pursuing her Ph.D. studies at the University of Amsterdam, and is spending the 2011-2012 academic year at Harvard Kennedy School as an Indonesia Research Fellow. She has more than seven years of experience in community-based trauma recovery in post-conflict and post-disaster areas in Indonesia and is one of the pioneers in Indonesia in raising the issue of journalism and trauma.

This event is a collaboration of the Ash Center’s HKS Indonesia Program and the HKS Program on Crisis Leadership.