Diffusion of Information Technology Use in Congressional Offices


Thursday, December 10, 2009 (All day)


124 Mt. Auburn Street, Suite 200-North, Cambridge, MA

David Lazer, Harvard Kennedy School

About the Seminar
What is the potential use of the Internet by members of Congress to better connect with their constituents? This talk will summarize the results of a multi-year NSF-funded study on the potential and actual use of Internet by Members of Congress for communication purposes.

About David Lazer
David Lazer is director of the Program on Networked Governance at the Kennedy School and associate professor at Northeastern University. His research is focused on the role that interconnectedness networks in systems affects collective outcomes, and he has appeared in such journals as Science, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the Journal of Politics, and the Administrative Science Quarterly.

About the Innovations in Government Seminar Series
This event is part of the Innovations in Government Seminar Series, which explores various aspects and approaches to the study of the replication of government innovations. This year-long series seeks to educate and inform the next generation of government innovators.