Family Philanthropy and International Strategy of Philanthropy


Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 3:45pm to 5:00pm


Allison Dining Room, 5th Floor, Taubman Building, 79 John F. Kennedy St, Cambridge, MA

About the Speaker:

Mr. Niu Gensheng is the founder of the Lao Niu Foundation and Mengniu Group, as well as a co-founder of Yili Group. Mr. Niu currently serves as Vice President of the China Charity Forum, and as Vice Director of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) China Council.

Mr. Niu has received wide recognition both as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. CCTV honored him as “China Economic Person of the Year”, and selected as “China’s Most Influential Business Leader” five years in a row. The Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs has twice awarded Mr. Niu the Most Caring Individual Donor Award, as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award and Special Achievement Award. Mr. Niu’s leadership in environmental protection was recognized by TNC, which presented him with their prestigious Oak Leaf Award.

The Lao Niu Foundation is the first private family foundation in China, and was established in late 2004 by Mr. Niu Gensheng and his family. The foundation is committed to the globalization of philanthropy, and to international philanthropic programs. The Niu family shares Mr. Niu’s devotion to philanthropy, and actively participates in the foundation. In order to further expand their active participation in family philanthropy, Mr. Niu’s children have also established the Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation.




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