Free Indonesian Language Classes Offered at the Ash Center


Friday, April 17, 2015, 2:30pm to 4:00pm


124 Mt. Auburn Street, 2nd Floor, CR 226

Indonesian statuesThe Harvard Kennedy School Indonesia Program (HKSIP) and Harvard University’s Department of South Asian Studies and are pleased to offer two language class options for learning Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia).

Please see below for course descriptions, locations, and times for each class.

Whether for research purposes, an upcoming trip to Jakarta, or for personal enrichment, we hope that these classes will provide a great opportunity to explore the culture and language of the fourth most populous country in the world!

FOR NON-CREDIT @ the Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation (124 Mt. Auburn Street, 2nd Floor)

Please join us every Friday at 2:30PM in Room #226 at the Ash Center (Ash Large Conference Room) beginning on Friday, Sept. 5th as we explore the culture and language of Indonesia. These classes are not for credit and are open to all Harvard students, staff members and the general public of the Greater Boston area. The lessons will be conducted by Mr. Kurniawan (, a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant, and all levels of skill – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – are welcome. The classes will focus on the culture of Indonesia, as well as day to day conversational skills that one might need when visiting or researching in this beautiful and diverse country. The food, music, and customs of Indonesia will also be shared and taught in an informal setting alongside the rudiments of Bahasa Indonesia. There is no cost for the classes and no online sign-up is required. Lessons can be tailored to the needs of the students and drop-ins are encouraged!

FOR CREDIT @ 1 Bow Street (3rd Floor)

Plan to visit Bali or Komodo Island? Considering research in Borneo or Jakarta? If so, why not learn Indonesian? The national and official language, Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) is the lingua franca spoken throughout the seventeen thousand islands by over 240 million Indonesians and can be used to communicate with people in several neighboring countries. With its simple nature as a genderless, tense-less, and fluid language, Bahasa Indonesia has been connecting peoples of different regions, cultures, ethnic languages, histories, and belief systems in the region, from Aceh to West Papua, and from Bali to Borneo. Harvard University’s Department of South Asian Studies is offering elementary and intermediate Indonesian classes. Classes are small and can be tailored to student needs. Classes will be led by Ms. Veronika Kusumaryati ( The first meeting will be on Thursday, Sept. 4th at 4PM. Open to all Harvard students (and other non-Harvard college students, with a condition – please email Veronika to inquire).