Free Webinar: The Challenge of Performance Leadership


Thursday, January 22, 2015, 1:00pm


Online Webinar

Bob BehnLike all public executives, you have to produce results. You might be a city public-works director, a state public-health commissioner, or a regional EPA administrator. It doesn’t make any difference. You are expected to produce results.

But how? Indeed, what results are you responsible for producing? And what does it mean to improve your organization’s performance?

This free Webcast will not answer these two questions for you and your unique organization. It will, however, help you think through how to approach the challenge of performance leadership.

After all, the knowledge that you employ to lead your organization is strictly tacit. You can’t write it down in a formula or a cookbook. Nevertheless, you have it. You developed it, if only through trial and error.

This Webcast will help you appreciate the tacit knowledge you already have. And it will help you think about how to build this knowledge.

By attending the webinar, you’ll gain an enhanced appreciation of:

  • The need to identify your organization’s key performance deficits.

  • The value of setting targets for eliminating them.

  • The motivational strategies that have proven effective in numerous organizations.

  • The potential of employing a PerformanceStat leadership strategy.

At the conclusion of Bob Behn’s presentation, our moderator will facilitate 10-to-15 minutes of participant Q&A – a great opportunity to interact with the author of The PerformanceStat Potential.

To register for the webcast, please click right here and complete our super convenient form. We will then send you an e-mail confirmation with a link plus a top-secret password that only you can use to view the session. If you will be unable to attend, but would like to have your entire staff view the recording while you hold a party, please register and we will send you a link at the conclusion of the live webcast.


Robert Behn
Senior Lecturer in Public Policy


  • Public Management

  • Leadership

  • Performance Management