Tech & Democracy Workshop: Glitch to Scratch an Itch- Start Saving the World in 3 Hours or Less


Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 4:00pm to 7:00pm


Ash Center Conference Room, 124 Mount Auburn Street, Suite 200N, Room 226

Join Tiffani Ashley Bell, Ash Technology and Democracy Fellow, and Founder and Executive Director of The Human Utility for a hands-on workshop.

Sometimes all a problem needs in the world to go away is passion, a community, and a few thousand eyeballs. At The Human Utility, we pulled the internet together and signed up over 10,000 people to start paying the water bills for hundreds of low-income and/or elderly families in Detroit. This workshop takes you back to the launch of The Human Utility and will teach you how to put up a quick website using Glitch and how to build a community.

Participants will learn:

  • How to use Glitch to create and remix websites for a cause.
  • How to use Google Spreadsheets to keep track of tons of data about their community.

Dinner is served.

Registration is required! You can register online here.

Things to Bring: Please bring a charged laptop.

Tiffani Ashley Bell PhotoAbout Tiffani Ashley Bell

Tiffani Ashley Bell is Founder and Executive Director of The Human Utility, a platform bringing people together from around the world to help people in Detroit and Baltimore with their water bills. Since its founding in July 2014, the organization has helped nearly 1,000 families and is a Y Combinator-backed not-for-profit. She was also a 2014 Code for America Fellow and previously, was the CEO + founder of Pencil You In, enabling businesses to accept appointments online.

Tiffani is a developer working primarily with Ruby on Rails and iOS. She finished at Howard University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Systems & Computer Science.

During her fellowship, Tiffani will concentrate on using utility data to advocate for the deep personalization of human services and to bridge the gap between local politicians and their constituents.

Follow Tiffani on Twitter: @tiffani

The Ash Center's Technology and Democracy Workshop Series are hands-on, cocurricular events designed to help HKS students develop real-world technology skills. Led by a network of technology practitioners, participants spend 3 hours working together and with the workshop leader to learn how to apply technical skills to impact real-word scenarios.