International Diffusion of Microfinance


Thursday, April 8, 2010, 5:00pm


124 Mt. Auburn, Suite 200-North, Room 226, Cambridge, MA

Lightbulb dollar signProfessor Guy Stuart, Harvard Kennedy School

About the Seminar
In the past 30 years microfinance has evolved from small experiments in lending to the poor in Latin America and Bangladesh to a global financial services industry with access to global capital markets. In this seminar, Guy Stuart will argue that the diffusion of microfinance across the globe is the tale of two dynamics: one in which credit-led microfinance easily diffused throughout the developing world “beneath the radar” of regulators, and another in which savings-based microfinance has struggled in many countries to take hold because of the lack of an appropriate enabling environment, most prominently government regulations.

A light dinner will be served.

About Guy Stuart
Guy Stuart is a lecturer in public policy at Harvard Kennedy School, where he teaches courses on management and microfinance. His book Discriminating Risk traces the historical origins of today’s mortgage loan underwriting criteria in the United States and examines current underwriting practices. He is currently conducting research on racial and economic segregation in the United States and on microfinance in India, Mexico, and Malawi.

Innovations in Government Seminar Series
This event is part of the Innovation in Government Seminar Series, which explores various aspects and approaches to the study and replication of government innovation. This year-long series seeks to educate and inform the next generation of government innovators.