Looking Forward: The Paths and Prospects for Democracy Reform


Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Virtual event, registration required

As the smoke (slowly) clears from the 2020 elections, advocates for full participation and democracy reform are charting a path forward.  In Congress and in state legislatures, the lessons of 2020 and the new contours of politics will shape efforts going forward.  What is the terrain reformers will confront, what are the reforms being proposed, and what are the prospects for success, short term and long term?  The Ash Center is pleased to pose these questions to four leading democracy advocates and election experts:


Discussing Prospects and Plans for Congressional Action

  • Congressman Jamie Raskin, MD-8  

 Discussing Prospects and Possibilities in the States

  • Wendy Underhill, Director of Elections and Redistricting, National Conference of State Legislatures
  • Carmen Lopez, Democracy Program Director, State Innovation Exchange 

Discussing the Major Challenges Facing our Democracy

  • Heather McGhee, Author of the forthcoming The Sum of Us, and former President, Demos


Tova Wang, Democracy Fellow, Ash Center

Virtual Event Recording