Non-Citizen Voting in Boston: The Next Step for Expanding the Franchise?


Wednesday, April 20, 2022, 4:00pm to 5:00pm


Virtual event, registration required

As efforts get underway to expand the franchise to non-citizens in Boston, join Harvard Kennedy School's Ash Center and Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston on Wednesday, April 20, to learn about how non-citizen voting once was the norm and how it's making a comeback. We’ll learn how organizers and elected officials have gotten noncitizen voting measures passed, how noncitizen voting has been implemented elsewhere, what the plans are in New York City, and what’s happening to move it forward in Boston.

Alex Keyssar, Matthew W. Stirling, Jr. Professor of History and Social Policy, Harvard Kennedy School, will describe how non-citizen voting was historically common in the United States. Annette Wong, Director of Programs at Chinese for Affirmative Action, will share how the San Francisco Immigrant Parent Voting Collaborative has promoted civic engagement, after the passage of non-citizen voting in 2021. City Councilor Tiffany Caban will share the story of how organizers won non-citizen voting in NYC earlier this year and plans for the first elections with non-citizen voting in 2023. We'll hear from Boston City Councilor Kendra Lara about what's at stake in the campaign to expand voting to non-citizens in Boston. Beth Huang, Director, Massachusetts Voter Table, will moderate. 

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