Oil Spills, Earthquakes, Tsunamis & Meltdowns: Acting In Time Against the Next Disaster


Thursday, April 28, 2011, 6:00pm to 7:30pm


JFK Jr. Forum, Harvard Kennedy School, 79 JFK St., Cambridge, MA

A panel discussion on preparedness for national disasters. Topics include the importance of communication across local, state, and federal agencies; gaps in the current state of preparedness; and political and social dimensions of disasters. Speakers include:

Juliette Kayyem
Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs,
Department of Homeland Security (2009-2011)

General Craig R. McKinley
Chief, National Guard Bureau

Admiral Robert Papp
Commandant, United States Coast Guard

Congressman Bart Stupak
Member, U.S. House of Representatives (D-MI 1993-2011)
Former Chair, House Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations

Admiral James Winnefeld
Commander, U.S. Northern Command and
North American Aerospace Defense Command

David T. Ellwood (Moderator)
Dean, John F. Kennedy School of Government