Opportunities and Dilemmas Faced by Chinese Rural Development in China’s Urbanization Wave


Thursday, April 26, 2012, 4:00pm to 6:00pm


124 Mt. Auburn Street, Suite 200-North, Cambridge, MA

A Panel Discussion with a Beijing Zhenggezhuang Village Entrepreneur

Language: Chinese
Light Dinner Served

About the Seminar
What are the opportunities and dilemmas faced by Chinese rural villages and farmers taking part in China’s massive urbanization wave? What is the impact of Chinese rural land policies on China’s rural development and urbanization? What will the development path and model be for Chinese rural villages in the future? This panel will include in-depth discussion from the perspectives of village, local government, and academic institutions.

About the Speakers
Anthony Saich
Daewoo Professor of International Affairs; Director, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School

Guan Chenghua
Rajawali Fellow, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School;
Professor, Deputy Head of University Committee, Director of China Rural Governance Research Center, Beijing Normal University

Huang Fushui
Secretary of Party Branch, Head of Villagers Committee, Beijing Zhenggezhuang Village; Chairman, Beijing Hongfu Group

Lin Yang, Senior Research Associate, Harvard Kennedy School