Study Group: Democracy Reform


Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 12:00pm to 1:15pm


124 Mt Auburn Street, Suite 200N, Room 226

Join us for the fourth session of the Democracy Reform: Through the Practitioner’s Lens study group with Miles Rapoport. This fourth session will be a conversation about voter supression in 2019 and the fight against it. This study group is open to the Harvard and broader Boston-area university community and requires no prior registration or application. Lunch will be served. 

About the Study Group

Join Miles Rapoport, Senior Practice Fellow in American Democracy, for a four-part study group which will examine various aspects of the burgeoning democracy reform movement sweeping through states across the country. Throughout the semester, Rapoport and guests, including leading advocates and organizers on voting rights, campaign finance reform, gerrymandering, and redistricting, will share their unique experiences and perspectives. The group will discuss democracy reform campaigns, lessons learned, and the building of a movement to make democracy more inclusive, participatory, and responsive. Email for more information.