Technology and Democracy Workshop: Prototype Like a Pro


Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 4:00pm to 7:00pm


The Ash Center, 124 Mount Auburn Street Suite 200, Room 226
Join Ash Center Technology and Democracy Fellows to develop your digital toolkit. This is a hands-on workshop; participants are expected to arrive ready to learn and practice a new skill.
Businesses, governments, and non-profits should have an online presence for the services they offer their customers or constituents. Yet, so many of them build or buy really poor solutions that are hard to use, are severely broken, or meet a need their customer doesn’t actually have. Prototyping, or making a lightweight version of what you hope to build or buy, is a super cheap way explore ideas, figure out if you’re meeting a true customer need, making your service usable, and, in the case of purchasing, writing a good contract. This workshop will teach you how to make a prototype without nerd-level tech skills.

Led by: Jeff Jeff MaherMaher, Software Engineer, Massachusetts Digital Services Team; former Engineering Manager and Software Engineer on the USDS team at the Department of Veterans Affairs. @plusjeff
Registration is required! Please register via Eventbrite here

Things to Bring: Laptop w/ access to one of the following: Google Presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Apple Keynote

The Ash Center's Technology and Democracy Workshop Series are hands-on, cocurricular events designed to help HKS students develop real-world technology skills. Led by a network of technology practitioners, participants spend 3 hours working together and with the workshop leader to learn how to apply technical skills to impact real-word scenarios.