Webinar: How Somerville’s Mayor Joe Curtatone uses SomerStat to drive performance in his city


Thursday, November 5, 2015, 1:00pm to 2:00pm

In November 2003, when Joe Curtatone was first elected mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts, he wanted to be sure that his city produced results. So he immediately made a site visit to Baltimore to learn how CitiStat worked.

When he returned, he told his new SomerStat director, let’s have our first meeting by the end of the month. SomerStat was off and running—and after more than 11 years in office the positive results of this data-driven approach to good government abound.

Somerville has been labeled “the best run city in Massachusetts.” Still, Mayor Curtatone, knows he isn’t Superman. He only leaps tall buildings occasionally (and sometimes it takes him two bounds).

The mayor and the SomerStat staff use their leadership strategy “to identify opportunities for improvement and then track the implementation of those plans.” As a learning organization, they continually refine their methods.

So if you want some insights into how Somerville uses the PerformanceStat leadership strategy to drive results, sign up for our webinar on Thursday, November 5, at 1 pm (Eastern Standard Time). Bob Behn will interview Curtatone, ask him the basic questions about how his SomerStat affects how the city works, and then open it up to your questions.


Bob Behn, Harvard Kennedy School. 

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