Executive Education

Through its multiple Executive Education courses, the Ash Center offers an interactive learning experience to practitioners looking for a fresh approach to crafting public policy.

Below, we invite you to learn more about the Center’s extensive global and domestic Executive Education programs. 

Ash Center Executive Education Programs

China Leaders in Finance

China Leaders in Finance Program is a two week program for senior executives from China’s banking sector. The goal of the program is to equip participants with analytical frameworks to better understand the challenges of globalization, to strengthen individual and collective leadership, to improve corporate governance, to improve sustainability, and to leverage public-private partnerships, while at the same time improving their skills to excel in positions of leadership.

Global Philanthropy Leaders

The Global Philanthropy Leaders program is a one-week experience, usually followed by a second week that is organized by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA) and our Chinese partner the China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI), and held in New York City. Core topics include ethics in the Chinese tradition, the moral limits of markets, models of leadership, how to create public value, the development and execution of a philanthropic mission, nurturing 21stCentury talent, global trends in philanthropy, models of giving.

Creating Collaborative Solutions: Innovations in Governance

The Creating Collaborative Solutions program explores new methods of working across traditional jurisdictions and sectors to identify, understand, and address emerging social problems. Topics include strategic management in the public sector, adaptive leadership, principled negotiation, and public sector innovation.

Crisis Leadership in Higher Education

A collaboration of faculty from Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Crisis Leadership in Higher Education program offers senior leaders of institutions of higher education the opportunity to enhance skills needed to respond to a wide range of crises – physical, health, and reputational – that may challenge college and university communities.

Executive Leaders in Philanthropy

The Executive Leaders in Philanthropy program is a three-week experience that blends skills-based sessions, case-based teaching, interactive visits to US philanthropic institutions, and thematic sessions. Skill-building sessions focus on leadership, negotiation, stakeholder analysis, media relations, executing a mission, data analysis, impact investing, and leading organizational change.

General and Flag Officer Homeland Security Executive Seminar

Designed by PCL faculty specifically for the National Guard and the United States Coast Guard, the General and Flag Officer Homeland Security Executive Seminar emphasizes the critical role the agencies play as the backbone of the nation’s leadership cadre for providing the essential intermediate response to large, complex, multi-jurisdiction, multi-level, multi-sectoral events.

Leadership in Crises: Preparation and Performance

Offered since 2002, the Leadership in Crises: Preparation and Performance intensive one-week program brings together senior officials from all levels of American government, the private and non-profit sectors, other countries, and international organizations. This program focuses on the requisites of decision making and coordinated action by leaders and their organizations in times of crisis – and what advance preparation can make crisis performance more effective.

Leadership in Homeland Security

Organized in partnership with the National Guard, the program is offered to field grade and senior non-commissioned officers and is based on HKS Program on Crisis Leadership’s core executive education course “Leadership in Crises.”

Leadership, Organizing and Action: Leading Change

Effective organizing requires an understanding of how to identify, recruit and develop leadership, build community around that leadership and harness the power from the resources of that community.

Leadership, Organizing and Action: Leading Change is an online executive program designed to help you learn how to organize communities that can mobilize power to make change.

Designed by Harvard Kennedy School, this 15-week online program offers a unique opportunity for those involved in organizing projects around the world to interact with others engaged in similar efforts, including leaders of civic associations, social movements, advocacy groups and nonprofits.

Taiwan Leadership Program

The Taiwan Leadership Program offers a unique opportunity for collaboration between HKS and Taiwan’s current and emerging leaders. Taiwan Fellows – a group of top Taiwanese government officials and preeminent scholars – participate in executive education programs at HKS and conduct applied research on economic and social developments in Taiwan.

Leading Successful Social Programs

The Leading Successful Social Programs: Using Evidence to Assess Effectiveness one-week executive program led by Faculty Co-Chairs Julie Boatright Wilson and Dan Levy helps managers of social programs discover, assess, and present different types of evidence that will increase the effectiveness of the social programs their organization undertakes, and support efforts to obtain and/or sustain funding.

Vietnam Executive Leadership Program

The Vietnam Executive Leadership Program consists of regular discussion sessions and seminars, applied research, and a guided policy dialogue program for senior Vietnamese officials. The program convenes annually at Harvard Kennedy School and is designed to familiarize senior Vietnamese leaders with the latest thinking on globalization and its relationship to development.

Connecting leaders around the world with Ash Center scholarship and faculty

12+ Executive Education Programs

Below, find more information about previous Executive Education programs run by the Ash Center or taught by Ash Center-affiliated faculty. Note these programs are no longer being offered by the Ash Center or HKS. 

Previous Executive Education Programs

Asia Energy Leaders Program

The Asia Energy Leaders Program convenes premier faculty and senior energy executives to highlight new analytical frameworks and innovative approaches to understanding five key issues related to energy and sustainability issues in Asia: globalization; governance; competitiveness and corporate strategy; low carbon technologies; and sustainable.

China Crisis Management Program

Taught at the Chinese Academy of Governance in Beijing, this executive education course is for senior officials with emergency management responsibilities in the national, provincial, and city levels in China. Through discussion and guest speakers, this course examines large-scale disasters and planned international events to offer best practices in disaster prevention, mitigation, and preparation.

China's Leaders in Development Program

Established in 2001, China’s Leaders in Development program is widely recognized by the Chinese government as one of the best overseas training programs for government officials. Taught both at Tsinghua University, China, and Harvard Kennedy School, this multi weeks training program is specifically designed to help prepare senior local and central Chinese government officials to more effectively address the ongoing challenges of China’s national reforms.

Leadership Transformation in Indonesia

This training course was designed for newly elected Indonesian district heads and mayors (Bupati and Walikota), along with their heads of regional development and planning (Ketua Bappeda). The program offered a four-week executive education course focusing on issues of leadership in public service with one week in Jakarta and three weeks in classroom sessions at Harvard University along with structured site visits with local government officials in the Boston area.

Shanghai Executive Management Program

The Shanghai Executive Management Program provided senior officials in Shanghai municipal government agencies with perspectives on strategy, leadership, management of service delivery, urban planning and development, crisis management, and social policy, as practiced in the United States and other countries. Officials attended two weeks of intensive classes at HKS and visit government agencies around the country.


Executive Leaders in PhilanthropyELP

A three-week experience blends skills-based sessions, case-based teaching, interactive visits to US philanthropic institutions, and thematic sessions. Skill-building sessions focus on leadership, negotiation, stakeholder analysis, media relations, executing a mission, data analysis, impact investing, and leading organizational change.