Global Public Innovation Network

The Global Public Innovation Network, established in 2002, is a collaborative network of ten public policy awards programs from around the globe. With support from the Ford Foundation and contributions by the individual programs, the Innovation Network gathers and disseminates knowledge about innovations in public service provision, public action, and governance.

These innovations represent significant contributions to the collective well-being of citizens and to the reduction of social, economic, political, gender, and ethnic inequalities. By sharing successful local practices through an international network, the impact of each awards program can extend far beyond its country’s borders. Innovation Network activities include workshops, research, and publications.

Partner Programs
The Global Public Innovation Network includes the following programs:

  • American Indian Tribes in the United States of America: Honoring Nations Program
  • United States of America: Innovations in American Government Awards Program
  • South Africa: Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust
  • Philippines: The Galing Pook Foundation Awards for Outstanding Local Government Programs
  • Peru: Participation and Local Management Program
  • Mexico: Government and Local Management Award
  • East Africa: The Mashariki Innovations in Local Governance Awards Program
  • China: The Innovations and Excellence in Chinese Local Governance Program
  • Chile: Citizen Participation and Public Politics Program
  • Brazil: Public Management and Citizenship Program