Research Projects

Antiracist Interventions in Healthcare

There is a large body of research on how systemic racism drives the social determinants of health in communities of color, but much less on how to solve this problem. IARA is studying successful interventions that improve health outcomes and foster an antiracist healthcare system. Supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this research will expand on existing analysis and evaluate antiracist organizational approaches and policy interventions in healthcare to determine true levers of change. IARA will assess, analyze, and document effective measures of healthcare organizations engaging in internally focused antiracist change, resulting in a series of open-source case studies and a summary findings report to share with both academic and health care communities.

Global Processes of Justice, Truth Telling and Healing

IARA is currently engaged in a three-year-long project, supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, to survey international examples of truth-telling and harm repair, including truth commissions and tribunals, to better understand what impact and accountability looks like for these endeavors. Through speaking directly with practitioners and leaders, we will collect perspectives from around the world to glean the impact and learning from these processes to reckon with and heal from histories of racial, Indigenous, religious and ethnic conflict and harm.

Research at Large

IARA’s portfolio of research includes sector-specific interests and an agenda to critically evaluate antiracist structures and policies within institutions at large, including private, nonprofit, public/government, and academic. By documenting and understanding the field of “diversity” and antiracist training groups, as well as organizations that have sought to engage in antiracist change, and the standards by which they have been held to account, we seek to develop critical measures of establishing antiracist institutional accountability.