Research for Nation BuildersRice field workers
The Myanmar Program, in partnership with Proximity, is engaged in producing informed and opinionated research for those who want to transform Myanmar from a poor, conflict-ridden, authoritarian state to a democratic, united, and thriving nation. This is as complicated as Myanmar’s history and current situation, in which many groups have been oppressed and marginalized. Such research requires the deep knowledge and connections which Proximity offers and requires contacts with government, legislative, ethnic, opposition, business, and other groups. By generating ideas from interviews, testing them in presentations, and getting feedback on papers that are published, translated, and available to all, the aim is to provide stakeholders with honest analysis and a range of potential approaches to solve pressing problems. This has several important benefits.

  • It produces a shared framework whereby the final research product has substantial support and understanding among important and informed groups who are critical in policymaking.
  • This interactive knowledge network process establishes new lines of communication that improve civil dialogue on many issues, and in turn increase transparency and the chances of better outcomes.
  • This approach facilitates a bottom-up flow of information to decision makers, who also develop a better sense of local conditions, policy options, and the implications of particular actions.
  • Finally, the process assists various groups in reaching common ground on separate issues.

Exploring Myanmar’s Development Strategy
The Myanmar Program and Proximity Designs are engaged in research to explore development strategies that take into account political and economic realities and their interactions. Some fruits of this research show up in a variety of policy papers that address targeted topics of particular relevance to Myanmar. By increasing the breadth and depth of knowledge and analysis, these efforts are poised to enhance the quality of the policy dialogue, help to develop a more systemic and sophisticated appreciation of the issues, and develop coherence and confidence in an emerging reform coalition.

The Myanmar Program's research reports can be found on our publications page. Notably:

Rakhine State: In Need of Fundamental Solutions