Ash Center Establishes Technology and Democracy Fellowship

February 22, 2016

Cambridge, MA— The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School is pleased to announce the establishment of the Technology and Democracy Fellowship.  Designed to build connections between the Kennedy School and the worlds of technology, policy, and government, the fellowship supports practitioners and students in developing their skills and understanding of major concepts related to technology and governance.

Technology and Democracy Fellows will design and lead a series of hands-on workshops for Harvard Kennedy School students on a broad range of technological topics.  Through participation in the workshops, students will gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively utilize data visualization techniques, convey compelling digital stories, employ technologists’ platforms like GitHub, and make use of technology to facilitate interaction between the public and government. 

The Technology and Democracy Workshops and the community of learning they are designed to inspire will aid the fellows as they develop a substantive project that is salient to their field and seeks to improve the quality of democratic governance. The AY2015-16 Technology and Democracy Fellows’ projects include: building databases to open campaign finance information to journalists and the public; supporting local election officials with hands-on technology training; evaluating and streamlining how the Federal government uses technology; and building capacity between civic tech startups and the governments they aim to serve.

AY2015-16 Technology and Democracy Fellows include:

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