Ash Center Introduces 2017-18 Technology and Democracy Fellows

August 21, 2017
Tech and Democracy Fellows have not only exceptional technology skills but a deep passion to strengthen our democracy.

Cambridge, MA The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School is pleased to announce its newest cohort of Technology and Democracy Fellows— six technologists from around the country committed to improving the health of American democracy. This year’s fellows have demonstrated a deep passion for using technology to strengthen our democracy through citizen engagement, social empowerment, and government transparency and accessibility.

Beginning August 2017, the Ash Center welcomes as Technology and Democracy Fellows:

Under the direction of Archon Fung, Ford Foundation Professor of Democracy and Citizenship and Academic Dean of the Kennedy School, the Technology and Democracy Fellowship and affiliated workshop series is designed to build connections between Kennedy School students and the worlds of technology, policy, and government. During the course of the academic year, fellows will undertake a number of projects, including exploring how the role of technology for social impact is understood by technologists and policymakers, utilizing data to advocate for the deep personalization of human services to bridge the gap between local politicians and their constituents, and creating a baseline for the effectiveness of constituent engagement and deepening an understanding of technology as a means for social empowerment guides.

Technology and Democracy Fellows also design and lead a series of hands-on workshops for Harvard Kennedy School students on a broad range of technological skills and concepts. Through participation in the workshops, students gain a deeper understanding, for example, of how to effectively utilize data visualization techniques, use design thinking techniques to develop new human-centered products and services, convey compelling digital stories, employ technologists’ platforms like GitHub, and make use of technology to facilitate interaction between the public and government.

Harvard Kennedy School students interested in attending a Technology and Democracy workshop are encouraged to signup for the Ash Center's "Technology and Democracy" mailing list and contact Teresa Acuña, Associate Director of the Ash Center's Democratic Governance program,, to ensure they receive notifications about upcoming events.

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