Ash Center Receives Gift From Dalio Foundation to Support China Philanthropy Project

January 22, 2016

Cambridge, MA – Today, the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School is pleased to announce a generous gift from the Dalio Foundation to support the establishment of the Center's new China Philanthropy Project. The project enables a range of activities that support the recently launched China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI) in Shenzhen, China, and will build talent within China’s charitable organizations and provide an important platform for international cooperation. 

The new project at Ash supports students, visiting scholars, training, and research related to China’s emerging philanthropic sector. CGPI was announced in November 2015 and is a collaborative project supported by the Dalio Foundation along with other philanthropists and Foundations from the US and China.

The Ash Center initiatives are being designed together with CGPI, and include training programs for leading Chinese philanthropists and Chinese philanthropic executives, visiting scholarships for non-profit practitioners and researchers of philanthropy, degree students, conferences and research initiatives. This set of activities will help CGPI cultivate a new generation of philanthropy leaders, trainers, and scholars and significantly contribute to the professionalization of the philanthropic sector in China, as well as the development of CGPI.

Chinese philanthropists are eager to increase interaction with international counterparts, share best practices, explore historical models of giving in China and in other national contexts, and build lasting partnerships to solve major challenges in the world. The Ash Center and CGPI are therefore building a research based platform between the US and China that will explore models and traditions of giving, definitions of generosity, and related institutional aspects of building an effective and vibrant philanthropic sector.  The growing acceptance of charitable organizations in China further supports such development.

This research program will develop collaborative workshops and seminars between the Ash Center and CGPI, as well as an active research agenda. Initially, research will focus on building an interactive clearinghouse for understanding the giving of top Chinese philanthropists on an annual basis, charitable causes supported, the geography of giving and sectors of the economy most supportive of giving.  In addition, comparative work will be done to place modern Chinese giving in historical context within China, and between China and other national environments. 

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