Award: Invasive Species Removal & Greedy Goats

January 1, 2017

Innovations in American Government Awards

  • AWARD WON: 2017 Bright Idea
  • AWARDEE: Invasive Species Removal & Greedy Goats
  • DESIGNEE: City of Fayetteville, AR
  • JURISDICTION: Arkansas

The city work to ban invasive species and encourage native habitat began in 2013. Horticulturists, commercial nurseries, and community organizations worked together to bring forth the ordinance to prohibit the sale of specific species and establish educational campaigns such as a brochure of alternative plants and the “Greedy Goats” program, which brought a herd of goats out to public parks to clear invasive species like kudos, poison ivy, and thistle. Families with children who came out to see the animals work were recruited into the educational efforts, with the goal that their new knowledge will be taken back and incorporated into their home gardening projects, helping restore Fayetteville to its natural habit that is a welcome home to native birds and insects.