Award: Solar Works DC

May 9, 2019

Innovations in American Government Awards

  • AWARD WON: 2018 TOP 25
  • AWARDEE: Solar Works DC
  • DESIGNEE: District of Columbia
  • JURISDICTION: District of Columbia

The expanding renewable energy industry provides opportunities for gainful employment as well as a clean, stable, energy supply. As part of its Solar for All program, Washington, DC established Solar Works DC in 2016, and the program launched soon after in summer 2017. The program expands the District’s solar capacity, places solar systems on low-income households to reduce electricity bills, and provides hands-on training to underserved and underemployed District residents in solar education and installation to provide them with a pathway to employment in this growing field. Solar Works DC intends to train more than 200 residents and install solar systems on up to 300 low-income single family homes in the District over three years. Income eligible homeowners receive solar at no-cost and can save from 50 to 99 percent on electric bills. The cost savings per household is roughly $15,000, which translates to approximately $600 in savings per year.