Our Top Spring 2021 Events

Explore our most popular discussions from the past semester

Published on June 3, 2021

Each semester the Ash Center works to spark powerful new ideas, share innovative public-sector solutions, and discuss institutional reforms through our public events. We have never shied away from tough conversations — and this past semester was no different.  

Below you can find a selection of our most popular and salient events from this spring. We encourage you to explore the recordings and reflect on the past few months of policy challenges and conversations. 

Can We Break Out of the Two-Party Doom Loop?

February 2021

Lee Drutman, Senior Fellow in the Political Reform Program at the New America Foundation, discusses why he thinks our two-party system is a root cause of our democratic dysfunction. 

Myanmar After the Coup

February 2021

A panel of experts on Myanmar, democracy in hard places, and international relations came together to discuss the February 1st coup in Myanmar. 

Moving Forward or Moving Backward: Election Legislation in the States

February 2021

Leading state election experts and state legislators joined the Ash Center to discuss state-level legislation set to both expand and retract voting rights. 

Jack Ma and the Collapse of the World’s Largest IPO

March 2021

Wall Street Journal reporter Lingling Wei discusses what the future holds for Jack Ma and the Ant Group. 

China Inside Out

April 2021

San Diego Professor Susan Shirk argues that it is not possible to assess the external dynamics of contemporary China unless one fully understands the internal situation of the country.

How Cities Are Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

May 2021

Based on the findings of a multi-city project and report, this session covers how cities are engaging their communities to ensure equitable access to vaccines and address hesitancy.

Social Movements in the Post-Trump Era: Organizing for Policy Change

May 2021

Leaders from the environmental justice, gun violence prevention, labor, and immigration movements explore the challenges and opportunities for social movements organizing for policy change under the Biden administration.

From Disinformation to Radicalization: A Detailed Look at the Impact on AAPI and Latinx Communities

May 2021

An expert panel focused on how members of the AAPI and Latinx communities have accessed, reacted, and forged new identities because of disinformation campaigns.

Combatting Anti-Asian Racism and Misogyny: What is our Local Community Doing?

May 2021

This public discussion highlights key challenges of racism, misogyny and other discrimination faced by our Asian and Asian-American community.

From Rebel to Ruler: One Hundred Years of the Chinese Communist Party

May 2021

Ash Center Director Tony Saich discusses his forthcoming book on one hundred years of CCP rule in China. 

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