2018-19 PAE/SYPA Awardees

The following students received support from the Ash Center for their 2018-19 PAE/SYPA research projects:

Political Engagement and Deployment of HB1403 beneficiaries in Texas
Leticia Rojas
A Policy Analysis of the Response of the City of Bogota, Colombia to the Venezuelan Migrant Influx
Angelo Paolo Kalaw
Inclusive Economic Growth: Revitalizing the Commercial Corridors in Detroit’s Strategic Neighborhoods
Kyle Ofori and Jana Pohorelsky 
Building Local Resiliancy to Combat White Nationalism in Eugene, OR
Brady Roberst and Stefan Norgaard 
Participatory Democracy in the Cities of the Future
Maha Malik and Sophie Weihmann
Analyzing Engagement with the US Federal Government’s Open Source Code Pilot Program
Mairi Robertson and Jake Rashbass
Framing Policies in Sierra Leone for Integration of Small and Medium Garment Traders
Munmun Biswas
Measuring CrowdLaw
Marta Garnelo Caamano and Ori Pleban
What Should the Policy Response to Brexit be Once the UK Leaves the EU?
Tobias Garnett
Resource Misallocation and Data Use for Decision Making in Hospitals
Kennedy Opala
A Business-Conscious Strategy to Make Bogota a Smart City
Valentin Sierra Arias
Optimal Residential Mental Health Services for Massachusetts’ Children
Camilla Taufic
Scaling-Up "Alo, ¿por favor Colombia?"
Clarisa Yerovi and Juan Felipe Olano 
Access to Credit for Small and Medium Enterprises in Mexico
Alejandra Sumiko Andrade Sakaguchi and Diana Graciela Gonzalez Arocha 
Green Finance for Chinese Overseas Investment
Gabriel Walker
Healthcare and Senior Care Integration in China          
Yirong Zhao and Vanessa Ningzi Piao
Using Evidence to Scale Up Responsive Migrant Childcare in Vietnam, Mongolia, and China
Tim Huang
Neo-Mercantilism with Chinese Characteristics?             
Tlek Zeinullayev