2019-20 PAE/SYPA Awardees

The below students received support from the Ash Center for their 2019-20 PAE/SYPA research projects.

Addressing Lima's Bus Transportation Fiasco with Smart City Initiative
Rosemary Ulfe and YunJing Yang
An Analysis of the Effectiveness and Methods of Dual Power Organizations
Yohana Beyene
An Analysis of the Effectiveness and Methods of Dual Power Organizations
Karl Kudmozi
Building an Inclusive Democracy: Behavioral Insights from Non-Voting Latinx Millenials in the South
Zayba Abdulla, Christopher Geary, and Tyra Walker
China’s Strategic Interests in the Arctic and Implications for the United States
Caitlin Keliher 
Chinese Sharp Power Capabilities and Limits: A Case Study of Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential Election
Aaron Huang
Cultivating diversity and inclusion in private fundraising: a study of charitable organizations in China
Yuting Yang
Developing a Framework for Municipal and County Property Monetization in Sub-Saharan Africa
Yasmin Inam 
Fostering Community-led Change: Developing Guidelines for Government’s Role in Building Community Social Capital
Kathleen Addison, Katie Stenclik, and Katherine Williams 
Lessons from Scaling up Mobility Mentoring to State and Local Public Agencies
Amanda Hallock 
Natural Gas Price Deregulation Reform in China
Rongtai Nala
Reclaiming the 'Southern Strategy': How Democrats Win Back the South in the 2020s
Karim Farishta and Jackson Miller
Rethinking the role of middle level government in Armenia
Anush Hambaryan 
Understanding Challenges and Opportunities of Voting Among Convicted Felons in 2020”
Jeremy Grabiner and Alexander Kluber
Vietnamese Industrial Policy in the Context of Evolving International Trade Dynamics
Ben Grozier and Jason Keene
Women's Political Participation and Peacebuilding in Colombia
Sofia Salas 

Using Evidence to Scale Up Responsive Migrant Childcare in Vietnam, Mongolia, and China
Tim Huang
Neo-Mercantilism with Chinese Characteristics?             
Tlek Zeinullayev    
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