2020-21 PAE/SYPA Awardees

The below students received support from the Ash Center for their 2020-21 PAE/SYPA research projects.

Kansas Redistricting 
Lexi Bergeron

Prospects for Normalization Between Indonesia and Israel in the Wake of the Abraham Accords 
Elizabeth Bloom

Birmingham VITAL (Valuing Inclusion To Accelerate and Lift) 
Caleb Bradford

Coalition Building and Civil Resistance for Economic/Racial/Climate Justice 
Sam Elghanayan

Scanning the Frontiers of Innovation Policy: the role of the Innovation Growth Lab at Nesta  
Nathalie Gazzaneo

Coca Regulation in Colombia
Alfredo Grafee, Andrea Neyra, and Gabriel Parra

Access to Formal Credit for SMEs: The “Achilles Heel” of the Peruvian Response and the Opportunity to Face COVID-19 Impacts
Katia Paola Huayta Zapata and Julia Alejandro Flores Salvatierra 

Digital Transformation as a Means to Better and More Equitable Service Provision in Brazilian Local Governments
Ruth Huette and Beatriz Vasconcellos de Araujo 

Youth Voter Engagement: Developing Strategies to Sustainably Increase Youth Voter Turnout
Yousef Ibreak 

Vietnam and Industry 4.0: Unlocking Potentials with Technologies
Naoki Inayoshi

BOLD VISION 2028: Expanding Youth Economic Inclusion in Los Angeles County
John Joanino

VotER: A Study of Voter Outreach Efforts in Medical Settings
Carlton Lawrence and Tiffany Fan

The Economics of Government Platforms
Lauren Lombardo 

How to Reduce Gender Gaps through Economic Empowerment of Women in Kenya and the Intersection of sexual Harrassment with Economic Status
Isabella Marina 

Reducing Polarization at Scale
Malika Mehrotra and Mo Safdari

Managing the Marine Commons: Reducing Wild Catch Overfishing to Ensure Sustainable Livelihoods for Indonesian Coastal Communities
Eki Ramadhan 
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