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2017 Ash Center Summer Fellows

Sean Alaback (BLA '17, HDCE), Innovation Field Lab at Large
Aliya Bhatia (MPP '18), North Mississippi Industrial Development Association
Cole Boskey (MPP '18), Massachusetts Dept. of Information Technology
Jessica Kahlenberg (MPP '18), Innovation Field Lab; Chelsea, MA
Christine Koh (MPP '18), Innovation Field Lab; Fitchburg, MA
Daniel Lander (MPP '18), Boston Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics
Vanessa Lion (MPP '18), New Orleans Information Technology and Innovation
Sibella Matthews (MPP '18), Illinois Dept. of Innovation and Technology
Layla O'Kane (MPA/ID '18), Boston Women's Workforce Development
Lisa Salerno (MC/MPA '17), Innovation Field Lab; Salem, MA
Manuel Schuler (MPP '18), Innovation Field Lab
Marisol Thomer (MC/MPA '17), Innovation Field Lab

2016 Ash Center Summer Fellows

Jennifer Angarita (MPP ’16), Information Technology Department, City of Cambridge, MA
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Glynis Startz (MPP ‘17), Smart Chicago Collaborative, Chicago, IL
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Glendean Hamilton (MPP ’17), Mayor’s Office, City of Denver, CO
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Betsy Ribble (MPP ’17), City Council Speaker’s Office, City of New York, NY
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Ana Babovic (MC-Mason ’16), Office of Representative Jonathan Hecht, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
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Grace Oh (MPP ’17), New York State Department of Health, Albany, NY
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Karry Jiao (MPP ’17), Mass. Department of Environmental Protection, Boston, MA
Yoko Okura (MPP ’17), UNICEF Nepal, Kathmandu
George Simpson (MPP ’17), Mayor’s Office, Los Angeles, CA
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John Scianimanico (MPP ’17), Council of Economic Advisors, Washington, DC
Angela Reyes Rangel (MPP ’16), Innovation Field Lab, Salem, MA
Elizabeth Ruth Wilson (MPP ’17), Innovation Field Lab, Winthrop, MA
Sean Alaback (BLA ’17, HDCE), Innovation Field Lab, CityNexus developer
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Jon Jay (DrPH, HSPH), Innovation Field Lab, Lawrence, MA
Axelle Bagot-Hennemand (MC-MPA '16), Innovation Field Lab, Chelsea, MA
Paula Brown (MC-Mason ’16), Innovation Field Lab, Fitchburg, MA

2015 Ash Center Summer Fellows

Monica Liu (MPP '16), Los Angeles, CA: Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti  Read more»
Deena Zeplowitz (MPP ’16), Portland, OR: East Portland Action Plan
Glenn Grimshaw (MC-MPA ’15), New York, NY: Mayor’s Office of Technology & Innovation
Adam Larose (MPP ’16), U.S. Department of Education: Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative
Jiru XU (MPP ’16), Boston, MA: Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics
Chris Sommerfeld (MPP ’16), Washington, DC: Executive Office of Management and Budget
Courtney Sharpe (GSD ’16), Philadelphia, PA: My Brother’s Keeper Initiative  Read more»
Rachael Stephens (MPP ’16), New York, NY: Department of Small Business Services
Norma Torres Mendoza (MPP ’16), Houston, TX: Texas Café College  Read more»
Uttara Gharpure (MPP ‘15), Karina Baba (MPP ‘15), Sarah Allin (MPP ‘15) and Emily Jones (MPP ‘15), Chelsea, Fitchburg and Lawrence, MA: Innovation Field Lab

2014 Ash Center Summer Fellows

Chloe Christman, MPP 2014: Christman will contribute to the Mayor of Chicago’s small business and regulatory reform effort including a review of existing ordinances, regulations, and forms to identify opportunities for streamlining City processes and requirements.
Maura Fitzgerald, MPP 2015: Fitzgerald will conduct a front-line survey and analysis of innovative solutions for the City of New Orleans Office of Performance and Accountability, as well as a research and policy recommendation project that focuses on domestic violence and sexual assault.
Tara Grillos, PhD candidate: Grillos will help the City of Boston evaluate the impact of its first-in-the-nation youth participatory budgeting project and suggest how it could grow in future years.
Jessica Huey, MPP 2015: Huey will work for the General Service Administration’s team analyzing historical data from federal challenge and prize competitions to provide trends, new opportunities, and strategic growth plan.
Victoria Kabak, MPP 2015: Kabak will serve at NYC’s Center for Economic Opportunity, where she will contribute to multiple projects, including a Social Innovation Fund conference, leading and supporting various writing projects, and visiting program sites.
Denise Linn, MPP 2015: Linn will contribute to a number of Gig.U’s research, planning and coordination projects related to the build-out of next generation networks in municipalities across the U.S. through the creation of partnerships between Internet service providers, city governments, and educational institutions.
Andrew Snyder, MPP 2015: Snyder will work with Hennepin County Department of Community Works, Housing, and Transit to contribute to local understanding of public private partnerships, district systems, and negotiation strategies as they relate to a major transit-oriented development project.
Lindsay Woodson, MDesS 2015: Woodson will help the Los Angeles Mayor's Office of Homeland Security and Public Safety study the potential for future losses from earthquakes and support the development of policies to reduce those losses.

2013 Ash Center Summer Fellows

Scott Hugo, JD/MPP 2015: Hugo will work in the Oakland City Administrator’s Office developing a ‘department dashboard’ for the Oakland PD to convey key statistics to the community.
Dhruv Khullar, MD/MPP 2014: Khullar will work in the White House on implementation of the Affordable Care Act with a focus on innovations that improve quality of care and reduce medical costs.
Alexandra Lawrence, MPP 2014: Lawrence will help the Boston Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics coordinate a working group of seven big-city CIOs focused on launching projects to spur local innovation.
Sylvia Leung, MPP 2014: Leung will help Healthy San Francisco adapt to the Affordable Care Act, including an analysis of potential modifications and development of a tool to track progress of eligible uninsured residents.
Amelia Mann, MBA/MPP 2015: Mann will work with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Chief Innovation Officer on open government and technology projects across multiple federal agencies and non-federal organizations.
Ben Weinryb Grohsgal, MUP/MPP 2014: Weinryb Grohsgal will support the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation with current projects and with shaping the direction of future initiatives in open data, technology policy, citizen engagement, and innovation in government.
Deloris Wilson, MPP 2014: Wilson will help the Office of the Prime Minister of St. Martin (BVI) to shape a national innovation strategy and further develop the country’s capacity to innovate from within and in collaboration with the private and nonprofit sectors.

2012 Ash Center Summer Fellows

Victor Cedeño, MPP 2013: Cedeño will research policy and leadership strategies to help spur business ownership and employment among immigrant communities for Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak.
Will Cook, MPA 2013: Cook will help the Department of Labor expand its Open Government Agenda and assist in the modernization of its customer service operations.
Roniesha Copeland, MBA/MPP 2014: Copeland will develop strategies for advancing educational reform and innovation for Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.
Nikhil Gahlawat, MPP 2013: Gahlawat will work with New York City’s Center for Economic Opportunity, the 2011 Innovations in American Government Award winner, to develop multimedia platforms to effectively communicate the program’s policy goals and models and enhance stakeholders’ understanding.
Tyler Jaeckel, JD/MPP 2013: Jaeckel will cultivate high-impact ideas that simplify federal processes to benefit state and local governments for the U.S. Office of Management and Budget.
Rohit Malhotra, MPP 2013: Malhotra will study best practices and financial innovations in social services, in particular on the potential of Pay for Success and Big Society Bank models.
Kristina Redgrave, MPP 2013: Redgrave will write technology policy legislation around open data and collaborative consumption and will construct new initiatives that integrate technology into governance for San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee.
Iain Watt, MPP 2013: Watt will analyze the local commercial waste regulatory environment and explored possible internal operational improvements for the New York City Business Integrity Commission.
Benjamin Weinryb Grohsgal, MUP/MPP 2014: Weinryb Grohsgal will identify and evaluate the best information technologies and other tools available for listening to customer chatter, competitor intelligence, and industry trends for Littleton, Colorado. This city’s Economic Gardening program was an Innovations in American Government Award finalist.

2011 Ash Center Summer Fellows

Jodi Beckstrom-Korzenowski, HKS MPP 2012 - Beckstrom-Korzenowski helped the state of Maine evaluate the award-winning Wraparound Maine, which serves youth with complex needs who are involved in multiple service systems.
Isabelle Brantley, HKS MPP 2012 - Brantley played a critical and multi-faceted role in Detroit Mayor Bing's development efforts, offering oversight assistance with a forthcoming federally-funded project.
Jonah Evans, HKS MPP 2012 - Evans worked with Pittsburgh's Cities of Service office to identify innovative ways to use unoccupied land and establish new citizen engagement efforts.
Brian Hull, HKS MPP 2012 - Hull assessed and created a reform plan for the city of Providence's workforce development efforts.
Inessa Lurye, HKS MPP 2012 - Lurye worked under former New York City Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith on a government reform effort focused on IT and citizen engagement.
Samantha Silverberg, HKS MPP 2012 - Silverberg worked under former New York City Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith on NYC Business Acceleration, a program to facilitate new business owners with inspection and permitting processes.
James Solomon, HKS MPP 2012 - Solomon helped Newark Mayor Booker's team on a philanthropically-funded government modernization effort.

2010 Ash Center Summer Fellows

Harini Angara, Harvard Graduate School of Education - Angara supported the city of San José Mayor’s Office and the Santa Clara County Office of Education on SJ2020, a new initiative to close the achievement gap among various subpopulations of the city’s K-12 students.
Lindsay Berger, HKS MPP 2011 with a concentration in social and urban policy - Berger worked with the Mayor of San Francisco’s education adviser to identify strategies for truancy reduction.
Thackston Lundy, HKS MPP 2011 - Lundy split his time between New Orleans and Pittsburgh. In Pittsburgh, Lundy focused on developing talent management systems to help principals address hiring needs. In New Orleans, he provided analytical and public policy support as Mayor Landrieu transitions.
Alejandra Vellejos Morales, HKS MPA 2011 - Morales supported several projects designed to advance the mission of Washington, D.C.’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer and the Data Feeds program, the nation’s first government initiative to make virtually all current city government data available to citizens in real time.
Jim Secreto, HKS MPP 2011 and Georgetown Law School - Secreto assisted in developing Honolulu’s concept for community-based economic development as it relates to transit-oriented development.
Rebecca Strauss, HKS MPP 2011 with a concentration in social and urban policy - Strauss worked with Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s Department of Neighborhood Initiatives to conduct quantitative and qualitative assessments of anti-blight programs.
Tai Steven Sunnanon, HKS MPP 2001 and Harvard Graduate School of Education Ph.D. Program - Sunnanon worked for New Leaders for New Schools, a 2009 Innovations winner which recruits and trains high-caliber principals to lead historically underserved and underperforming urban schools.

2009 Ash Center Summer Fellows

Tamuna Barabadze, HKS MPP 2009 - Barabadze helped the city of San Diego create a Clean Tech strategic initiative to bring environmentally sensitive technologies into the economic mainstream.
David Bluestone, HKS MPP 2010 - Bluestone worked with the Ministry of the Interior within the Office of the Mayor of Medellin, Colombia. Bluestone researched the relocation and resettlement of people displaced by the war against the FARC.
Sam Downing, HKS MPP 2010 - Downing worked with the Center for Public Leadership on a public leader development program for the city of Sao Paolo, Brazil.
Janice Flynn, HKS MPP 2010 - CitiStat, a 2004 Innovations in American Government Award winner, is a performance accountability tool that is now the industry standard for driving down government costs and improving citizen engagement initiatives. During her internship, Flynn helped the city integrate budget performance measures into CitiStat procedures.
Matt Joyce, HKS MPP 2010 - Joyce helped the city of Worcester, Massachusetts, develop a business incubation program with its Division of Economic Development.
Jay Kairam, HKS MPP 2010 - Kairam worked with the Louisville Metro Office of Policy and Management on developing a policy and data analysis and on strategic planning for a city-wide System for Youth Development.
Chris Kolerok, HKS MPP 2010 - Sixty-six indigenous tribes have improved the solid waste systems on the Yukon River, removing six million pounds of hazardous materials and recyclables. Kolerok supported the Yukon River Tribes, which was recognized as a 2008 Innovations in American Government Award finalist, to ensure that the voices of indigenous peoples were integrated into decision making processes.
Deborah List, HKS MPP 2010 - List reviewed and cataloged Philadelphia's current anti-hunger efforts and studied practical reforms to reduce hunger and food insecurity. She worked for the city's Reducing Hunger in Philadelphia program.
Ronald Philip, HKS MPP 2009 - Philip worked on the city of Los Angeles' Clean Technology Strategy Program, a mayoral initiative to build the green economy in the region.
Megan Thibos, HKS MPP 2010 - A 2008 Innovations in American Government Award winner, the Acquisition Fund is a $230 million partnership that finances the purchase of land and buildings for affordable housing. Private finance tools allow smaller developers to compete in a tough market. During her internship, Thibos worked on encouraging the redevelopment of formerly contaminated land parcels into affordable housing.

2008 Ash Center Summer Fellows

Sara Qutub, HKS MPP 2009 - Qutub worked with the city of Seattle, a 2007 Innovations in American Government Award winner. As a summer fellow, she aided the city with preparing its infrastructure, systems, and operations for the impacts of climate change.
Cheryl Scott, HKS MPP 2009 - Scott worked with Chicago’s Citizen and Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting (CLEAR), a sophisticated enterprise information system of the city’s Police Department honored as an Innovations in American Government Award winner in 2007.