Democracy Programs

Troy Broderstad

Troy Saghaug Broderstad

Visiting Democracy Fellow, Spring Semester 2020
Responsiveness, representation, political inequality, regime legitimacy

Troy Saghaug Broderstad is a Ph.D. fellow at the University of Bergen. His research interest are responsiveness and representation,...

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Nick Carter Headshot

Nicholas Carter

Technology and Democracy Fellow AY 2019-2021
Civic technology, civic engagement, and civil society in the digital era
Nick is the managing director of Resilient Democracy, a civic engagement initiative dedicated to a more equitable...
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Emily Clough

Emily Clough

Democracy Doctoral Fellow, AY 2014-2015

Emily Clough was a doctoral candidate in the Department of Government at Harvard. Her background is in comparative politics and the political economy of...

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Jonathan Collins Profile

Jonathan E. Collins

Visiting Democracy Fellow, AY 2017 - 2020
Urban politics, democratic representation, racial and ethnic politics, and school board governance

Jonathan E. Collins is a Non-Residential Democracy Visiting Fellow at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Ash Center for Democratic...

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Trevor Davis

Trevor Davis

Technology and Democracy Fellow, AY 2016-2017

Trevor Davis is currently the Chief Technical Officer of People's Action and founder and CEO of ToSomeone, a New Media Ventures portfolio company. ...

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Rikki Dean

Democracy Visiting Fellow, AY 2014-2015

Rikki was a Ph.D. Candidate in Social Policy at the London School of Economics researching approaches to public participation in social policy decision-...

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