Innovations Programs

Alex Altshuler

Alex Altshuler

Program on Crisis Leadership (PCL) Fellow, 2014-Spring 2020
Psychosocial, organizational, strategic, and international aspects of emergency preparedness and disaster risk reduction

Muradiye Ateş

Visiting Fellow, Innovations Program

Muradiye Ateş is a visiting fellow at the Ash Center, Harvard Kennedy School. She received graduate and undergraduate degrees in business administration...

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Peter Deutscher

Peter Deutscher

Research Fellow, Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Inititiave

Peter Deutscher is a research fellow for the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, where he will focus on Collective Impact initiatives in...

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Adam Hawksbee

Adam Hawksbee

Research Fellow, Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative

Adam recently graduated from the Master of Public Policy program at the Harvard Kennedy School, where he was studying on a Kennedy Fellowship. He focused...

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Miwa Hirono

Program on Crisis Leadership (PCL) Fellow

Dr. Miwa Hirono is Associate Professor at the College of International Relations at Ritsumeikan University. She was on a Fulbright Fellowship from August...

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