David Razu Aznar

David Razu Aznar

Post-Masters Research Fellow
MPA 2017
David Razu Aznar

Educated as an economist and with an MSc in Development Management from LSE, David Razú held different positions in Mexican Public Service since early in his career, becoming the head of the Social Security Registration and Enrollment Unit in 2006. After that year, political events led him to change his professional path towards an electoral project. 

He was one of the founders of the Mexican Social Democrat Party (PSD) and got elected as a Legislator in the Mexico City’s Legislative Assembly for the 2009–2012 period. As Chairman of the Human Rights Commission of the Assembly he presented and promoted historic projects such as the Equal Marriage Amendment, which made Mexico City the first Latin American jurisdiction in adopting such a reform. He also introduced and promoted the Bill that originated the current Law to Prevent and Eradicate Discrimination in Mexico City. 

Besides the Human Rights agenda, as an Assemblyman he promoted projects in matters of sustainable urban development, mobility, environmental protection, and transparency, which are also some of his current research interests.

Other than public service and politics, David Razú has also served as consultant for international development and research organizations such as the World Bank, the Interamerican Development Bank and the Brookings Institution.

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