Deepti Doshi

Deepti Doshi

Technology and Democracy Fellow, AY 2018-19

Deepti Doshi leads the Community Partnerships team at Facebook globally. Her team is responsible for building products and partnerships that support community leaders to take their communities to the next level. She has been working in the fields of social change, community organizing and leadership development for over 14 years of experience across the private, non – profit and public sectors.

She is a long time social entrepreneur who has founded organizations and programs for social change with a focus on leadership development and learning: Haiyya, India’s largest community organizing platform; Escuela Nueva India, an education company that serves the urban poor and the Fellows Program at Acumen Fund to build leaders for the social enterprise sector. She started her career as a management consultant and has helped found an executive coaching and leadership development firm.

Deepti is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School and the Wharton Business School and holds a bachelors degree in Psychology. She is a TED Fellow, an Aspen Institute First Movers Fellow and Ideas Scholar, and her work has been featured in publications such as Business Week, Wall Street Journal, India Today, and in a PBS documentary, The New Recruits.

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