Ngan Vu Trang Dinh

Ngan Vu Trang Dinh

Vietnam Program Fellow
Urbanization, migration and education
Ngan Dinh


Ngan Dinh is Director of Fulbright Undergraduate Programs at the Fulbright Vietnam University.

As a high school student in Hanoi, Ngan never dreamed of going to college outside her hometown. That all changed when a professor from Bates College made an impromptu visit to her English class.

Twelve months later, Ngan found herself in Lewiston, Maine, where football is played with helmets, lobsters have claws, and winter comes early and stays late. At Bates, Ngan discovered her love for social science and education.

Ngan believes passionately that Vietnam’s greatest resource is its youth. Her doctoral dissertation on the lifeways of Vietnamese young people provided a wonderful excuse for her to spend a year at work and play with young people from Lao Cai to Soc Trang.

She was humbled by the boundless creativity, empathy, and determination she found in her young friends. However, despite many hours of expert instruction, she’s still a lousy League of Legends player.
At Fulbright University Vietnam, Ngan is leading the design and development of Fulbright’s undergraduate program in engineering and the liberal arts and sciences.

She’s working with top curriculum designers from some of the most innovative schools in the US. The best part of her job is traveling around Vietnam meeting with high school students to better understand their hopes and dreams.

Ngan holds degrees from Bates College (BA), the University of Chicago (MA), and the University of Cambridge (PhD).