Emily Clough

Emily Clough

Democracy Doctoral Fellow, AY 2014-2015
Emily Clough

Emily Clough was a doctoral candidate in the Department of Government at Harvard. Her background is in comparative politics and the political economy of development, and her research is largely driven by an interest in what happens when non-state actors take on functions traditionally or legally marked as state functions.

Her dissertation research examines the impact of NGOs on state capacity for social service provision in India, focusing especially on the field of education. Other work in the area of food politics and fair trade investigates the effects of private- or third-sector regulation in developing countries with weakly enforced labor and environmental regulations. Other projects focus on cocoa farming in Ghana, consumer demand for Fair Trade in the U.S., child labor and conditional cash transfer in Brazil, and the advent of child labor laws during the British Industrial Revolution.

At Harvard, Emily taught sections of the Sophomore Tutorial in Government, Indian Politics, and International Law, and she served as the Departmental Writing Fellow for the Government Department in 2012-13. She served on the Diversity Working Group in the Government Department at Harvard. Her research has been supported by the Ash Center, the Kennedy, Knox, and Sheldon Fellowship, the Smith Richardson Foundation, the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, and the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies.

Prior to graduate school, Emily spent five years working in the fields of international development, Fair Trade, and conflict resolution. She cooks, dances, and travels whenever she can.

Email: clough@fas.harvard.edu

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