Affiliate Fellows

Joseph Curtatone

Senior Fellow, Government Innovations Program
Innovative ideas in city government, government innovations

Mayor, City of Somerville

Sly James

Sly James

Senior Fellow, Government Innovations Program
September 2019-September 2020

Sly has worn many hats over the years – lead singer in a band, military police officer, successful trial attorney, and most recently, a ...

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Amen Ra Mashariki

Innovations Fellow AY2019-2020
Data science, urban analytics, data-driven decision making, urban policy making

Dr. Amen Ra Mashariki is the Chief Analytics Officer at the Mayor’s Office of Data Analystics (MODA) for the NYC Office of the Mayor. Here he leads a team...

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Geoff Mulgan

Senior Visiting Scholar, Government Innovations Program
Social entrepreneurship, social innovation, strategic leadership

Geoff Mulgan is Chief Executive of Nesta, and has been in post since June 2011. Under his leadership Nesta has moved out of the public sector to become a...

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Ioana Petrescu

Ioana Petrescu

Innovations in Government Research Fellow AY 2019 - 2020
Impact of political (in)stability on strategic decision making needed for effective delivery of public goods and services

Ioana Petrescu is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Ash Center...

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Ryan Sheely

Research Fellow
Innovation Field Lab- New York Project
Institutional theory and development policy analysis; program evaluation; citizen empowerment and accountable states

Ryan Sheely a Senior Researcher in Governance at Mercy Corps and a Research Fellow with the Innovation Field Lab- New York Project at Harvard Kennedy...

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Cecily Tyler

Cecily Tyler

Research Fellow
MC-MPA '16
Youth & media, social change, communications

A producer from New York City, Cecily has been working in the field of communication for the past 20 years. She has taught, produced, and directed in the...

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George Veth

George Veth

Senior Research Fellow, Innovations in Government Program
Articulation of public value and supporting management frameworks for ongoing strategy execution
Jane Wiseman

Jane Wiseman

Innovations in Government Fellow
Government performance, data-driven decision making, government innovation

Jane Wiseman is an Innovations in Government Fellow at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. She leads the Institute for...

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