Petra Guasti

Petra Guasti

Democracy Visiting Fellow, AY 2018-2019

Petra Guasti is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Political Science, Goethe University Frankfurt (Democratic Innovations Unit working on a DFG-ANR project: (New) Political Representative Claims: A Global View (France, Germany, Brazil, India, and China).

Petra previously held research and teaching positions at the University of Bremen, the University of Wurzburg and University of Mainz, visiting research positions at the University of Belfast (UK), Arizona State University (USA), Soochow University (Taiwan) and long-term research affiliation at the Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences (CZ). Her research focus is on (representative) democracy, democratic innovations, civil society, and human rights. Her research appears among others in Democratization, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, European Political Science, Politics and Governance and East European Politics and Societies (forthcoming).

As a part of her Visiting Democracy Fellowship at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, she will be working on her project ‘Broadening the Scope of Representation‘. Petra's project focuses on one possible path to innovate representative democracy by broadening the scope of actors recognized as eligible to participate in the policy process. Integration of multiplicity of voices can bridge representation, participation, and deliberation into a functional system of democratic governance. Rendering democracy more responsive to contemporary challenges and revitalizing the link between representatives and the represented.

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