Pwint Htun

Pwint Htun

Non-Residential Myanmar Program Fellow
Poverty alleviation, gender equality & empowerment through digital innovations

Pwint is non-residential Ash Center Fellow in the Myanmar Program. She is instrumental in shaping policies of Myanmar’s telecommunications reform and mobile financial services industry. She worked to influence policy changes by working closely with the President’s Office, the Central Bank of Myanmar and Ministry of Communications and IT. She has trained parliamentarians from both upper house and lower house.

Pwint is instrumental in building the Mobile Financial Services industry for Myanmar. She organized the first-ever delegation led by deputy minister of Communications and deputy governor of Central Bank of Myanmar to East Africa to introduce and explore the concept of mobile financial services for the poor. This trip prompted the Myanmar government to allow telecom operators to play a role in offering mobile financial services. In 2014, Pwint led efforts to draft Myanmar’s Mobile Financial Services Regulations now enacted by the Central Bank of Myanmar. She co-authored “Mobilizing Myanmar” report commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Pwint is in the midst of mobilizing a nationwide digital literacy campaign targeted for marginalized population.

Pwint held various senior management roles at US-based telecommunications and IT companies. She has a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Washington, a Masters of Engineering Management from Northwestern University.